Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Geula Bloggers' Dilemma

Do Geula Blogs Prevent Geula ????

Three things come when the mind is occupied otherwise: Moshiach . ... [Sanhedrin 97a]

The Maggid of Dubno : the Zohar even states that it is not God’s will to reveal the arrival date of the Moshiach, but when the date draws near, even children will be able to make the calculation (Bereishis 118a). 


AmericanKnitter said...

As I read his post, I think I got the spirit of what he was saying.

Focusing too much on dates and times, (which come and go) can make us lose heart. This is very bad.

But focusing on our relationship with Hashem?

Well, this has great power and encouragement for our soul.

I respect his decision.

But I hope he finds other ways to encourage people.

BY said...

Please don’t quit on us too!

There is no question as to how emotionally draining, and as to what a physiological roller coaster this kind of a blog can bring. The way I have always viewed it is that you guys are trying to communicate life changing news events, and sometimes add some personal comment or analysis. I am comfortable saying, most believe understand that.
It’s hard not to be burdened with the weight of uncertainty and how to best portray that into expression. No one questions that.
I think for most bloggers, there is the news, and some personal commentary, perhaps a step or two past that, and then the pure speculation and conjecture. I always felt you kept a level head (and ‘hand’ - when pressing “enter” to post ). [I have even commented once or twice, only on your site and Ari’s when I felt your posts were a little too “gloom and doom-ish”]
The bottom line is, for those that can stay within those pre-defined boundaries, there can be a happy median.
To be honest, what I like most about your blog and Ari’s, (as we as some others), is more so the chizzuk and emunah building rather than the Armageddon predictions. You cannot imagine how much chizuk people get from the simple and timely torah posts that you guys share. If nothing else those posts are priceless and I hope you continue them!
Chazzak VaMeitz!


Anonymous said...

As with any situation when times are tough...there will be lots of consolidation. By design or by disaster.

Hopefully those that are left can fill the void!

Devorah said...

quoting Josh Waxman

"If we take it as the gemara understands it, that it will only come when people despair of mashiach coming, then perhaps the Geulah blogs are actually hastening his coming. After all, they make a prediction, and mashiach does not come. .....They make a prediction, and mashiach does not come. And so on and so forth. Eventually, people will give up and think mashiach is not coming at all.
By increasing despair, the Geulah blogs may bring mashiach!

Anonymous said...

Cute Video... http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/145745

Devorah said...

“Crazy stories and fantastic claims were flying around. People were saying that Rav Kaduri had revealed that Mashiach’s arrival was imminent, and detailed the signs involved. Confused, I asked Rav Twersky for guidance. ‘What am I supposed to make of these stories?’ I asked. ‘I mean, if Mashiach really is coming so soon, I’ll ramp up my efforts in avodas Hashem. I should conduct myself as if it were Elul, no?’ Rav Twersky answered me as follows: ‘To tell you the truth, whenever I hear such stories, I don’t believe them at all. I just don’t. Of course, Mashiach can come at any moment. Any moment! But to think that these stories are ‘it’, I just don’t believe it. However, that doesn’t mean that hearing them can’t be an opportunity for you. Someone upon whom these stories have no effect, okay, fine. But if you find yourself experiencing a certain spiritual awakening, then don’t lose the opportunity! Why not utilize it? Make the most of it. To conduct yourself as though it were Elul, that’s a bit much. But to take advantage of the opportunity to make some chizuk in your avodah, for sure! The fact that you intellectually realize that you shouldn’t invest these stories with too much credence doesn’t mean you can’t harness the emotional effect it had on you to strengthen your avodas Hashem. Whenever you have a sense of spiritual awakening, don’t let it pass you by!” (A talmid, excerpt from A Malach in Our Midst) Source: http://matzav.com/rav-moshe-twersky-hyd-on-the-parsha-33/