Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making Sense

[a Dvar Torah from Rav Yaakov, forwarded by a reader]


Hhukath 5771 (?5951?)

You have to find a steer who is 100% red, has never had a yoke on it, is physically perfect. The mathematical/statistical chance is so low it’s pitiful. Then you take this super-rare find, slaughter it, burn it to ashes along with some moss, a branch of cedar and some red cloth. Now if you did that with any steer it would make no difference. But with this red one the man who burns it and the man who handles the ashes become tmei’im (spiritually impure). Then when someone touches or is under the roof with a human corpse he becomes tameh (spiritually impure) and gets purified by having sprinkled on him water mixed with the very same ashes that caused those men to be tameh plus the one who sprinkled the water on him becomes tameh instead of the ‘besprinkled’.

Go figure it out.

Does it make any logical sense to you?

Nu – be honest.

It can’t make sense to you because you are a mere human being with the limited human mind. Yes even the most brilliant of humans has a mind/brain that in relation to the ‘mind’ of HaShem is extremely limited. It would be something like comparing a certified idiot to a certified mega-genius with an IQ of say 400.

For you info; Genius = IQ above 135, Cretin = IQ 70-85, Moron = IQ 55-70, Imbecile = IQ 40-55, Idiot = IQ under 40 (Wiley Coyote = IQ 35, supporters of “pres” B.H.O. = 25).

The difference between HaShem’s “mental powers” and ours is beyond conception. That is part of why the Hebrew word for world is “Olam” which stems from the root word “elem” meaning unseen/un-seeable. What we see and our brains can fathom is less than the tip of the iceberg. Most is, as far as we are concerned, hidden and un-seeable.

Just as a “small” example: Our neviim and Zohar hint to a time near the coming of Mashiah when there will be wars, rumors of wars (riots), strange weather, many natural disasters, changes in the moon etc. This year we see much of this. Yet it is all not realized by most people who can’t connect the dots. Now we hear from amateur astronomers that yes the moon has changed its angle and its position in the sky , while government paid astronomers refuse to reply to queries on this. We also now hear from Rav Glazerson that Torah Codes tell of a change in the moon this very year 5771. Nothing just happens by coincidence. There is a hand, a very BIG hand behind it all with HIS unfathomable, unknowable intentions and plans behind it all.

Think of it as being shown on a giant screen - a moving constantly changing immense collage of images. You’d catch a small miniscule part of it if anything at all.

Haza”l told us that if we were able to see all the entities surrounding us and all their activity we would go nuts in seconds.

When a navi (prophet) received a nevuah (prophecy) he did not sense what he was told or wrote down. He received a multimedia multidimensional image that has zero sense to just about anyone including himself. It also must be in the language-concept type of his society language etc.

E.g. the Amerindians called the train an ‘iron horse’ for this was the work animal they knew, and they called negroes ‘white men” because of the association.

His human mind had to translate as if it were this super-hologram into words that a human mind can grasp. There is where some people went wrong. If the receiver is pure, righteous, free of arrogance-selfproudfullness-jealousy-envy, free of low lusts etc then he will develop a good rendering of the image. If not; then not. It’s a simple mathematical physics equation. Send a light beam through a good quality lens and a good image comes through. If the lens is warped so will be the image.

This was the mistake of Adam Harishon, of Korahh, of Bilaam, of Shabtai Ssvi etc. However, I must be quick to say that Adam was in a different league totally from the others mentioned.

Adam saw that in the future he would be allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge, but failed to see that a certain time must pass so that the tree would repaired beforehand. Korahh saw that his sons would be uplifted by HaShem, but failed to see why. He saw that a prophet, Shmuel, would be one of his descendants, and that in the future the Leviim would also perform functions in the Beit Hamikdash like the Cohanim. But he too jumped the gun. His sons were uplifted and merited a descendant to be the prophet who would coronate kings especially David the root of Mashiahh because they did not partake in his mahhloketh against Moshe while at the same time they kept a behavior of respect to their wayward father. Bilaam was misguided by his greed. Sh’Ss by his bodily lusts was made fodder for shin daledim etc who led him believe that he was Mashiahh.

What could have saved them and others from similar failures and fates? What can save us from such failures and fates? True, while none of us are prophets, all of us can get ‘messages’. All of us get ideas etc in our heads. How can we even hope to be sure to not go astray?

Had Adam stopped and said to himself, “Let me talk to HaShem, talk to my Neshama (upper soul) and find out of this is really what HaShem wants of me or is it a false flag” he would never have taken that fateful disastrous nibble. The world would have been a lot different.

Had Korahh done this he would have seen the clear picture and realized that he was a clear choice to make, accept Moshe’s leadership 100% and survive to have his descendants reach the same high level but for better reason, or give in to his envy and fall as he did.

If Sh’ss had done hitbodeduth (solitary talk with ones Neshama and HaShem) he would have been able to free himself from his crude lusts and not become so enveloped and influenced by klipoth and shin daledim. He would therefore not have gone so astray.

If a person who is thirsting to go buy a new BMW 740i even though it means a big loan would stop, do hitbodeduth and ask inside/upstairs “is there a real true reason why my 3 year old Chevy Citation isn’t good enough?” he would stick with his “old” car and prevent the debts and pressures. That’s just one example. Think about it and you’ll see there are tons of others in your life.

Talk to HIM. Ask HIM why HE put you here at all. Ask HIM why HE arranged your life to bring you to the spot/situation etc you are in. Ask HIM what HE wants of you, what you are supposed to learn from the events etc in your life. Ask HIM for HIS Divine guidance and help in doing what HE wants of you.

As a master Torah genius of a few generations ago said, “You must investigate everything with the goal of finding the Sekhel (mentality-intelligence, sense) of HaShem in everything all the time”.

It will change your world, your life for the better.

With that I send to all of you my precious brothers, sisters, friends and students my blessings

Rav Yaakov


Mikkel Janus Andersen said...

Maybe most people got it wrong:

“You must investigate everything with the goal of finding the Shekel of HaShem in everything all the time”.

Devorah said...

Not sure what you're saying Mikkel, did you deliberately spell Sekhel (siechel) as Shekel ?
What do you mean?

Leah said...

Excellent posts, Devorah. Very inspiring, especially the aspect of "near the end of days" with the neviim and Rav Glazerson. Of course, you know I chuckled on the IQ= 25 for PBO supporters. heh heh heh....