Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainbow in Brooklyn

Just before the levaya [funeral] for Leiby a"h yesterday, there was a [hail] storm  in Brooklyn, followed by a double rainbow.  [Photo: Huffington Post]

A sign of judgment, or a sign of Geulah?


  1. Devorah, if you print again what the meaning behind the double rainbow is, that would be great...

  2. "A sign of judgment, or a sign of Geulah?"

    First one and then the other. I don't think they can be separated..

  3. BS"D
    The poor kid went Olah Tmimah, Kaparah on the hhareidi community there. BUT the kapara will only do tehm any good if they do tshuvah.
    End to gizanuth (e.g. Ashki vs Sfardi; Ltvak vs hhasid etc), end to violence, end to corruption, end to hypocrisy etc

    That's the message of the double rainbow.