Friday, October 16, 2015

We are in The Final Stages

A message from the hidden tzadikim via Rav Berger, and translated by Yaak:

The terrible decree that the inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael are going through the past weeks with bloodshed of holy and pure Jews by way of the children of Yishmael - may the names of the lowly, defiled murderers be wiped out - is in the final stages of Hevlei Mashiah [birthpangs of Moshiach].

Contine reading at Yeranen Yaakov


Anonymous said...

Shalom Devorah,

I read the above at Yaranen Yaakov, and i wanted to comment there, but for some reason, am not able to do that.I want to say, as Noahide i am also doing teshuva, and praying for Israel.
Hashem IS in charge and in control. Amen.

thank you in advance if you post this.
Hashem bless you and Shabbat Shalom to all.


Devorah said...

From an email send out, the names of the victims that we can all pray for, for a full and speedy recovery.
RIVKA bat REGINA was the woman wounded last night at the central bus station.
The names of recent terror victims (as collected by the OneFamily organization) are:
Shoshana Bat Lulu – Injured in the attack in Armon Hanatziv. (14.10.2015)
Maor Ephraim Ben Fortuna Daniella – A riot police officer was injured on Saturday (10.10.2015) near the Damascus Gate and is in critical condition.
Yom Tov Lipa Ben Roza – Seriously injured in Malchai Yisrael. (13.10.2015)
Naor Shalev Ben Rut - critically wounded while riding his bicycle in Pisgat Zev (2 months before his Bar Mitzva)
Yosef Chayim Ben Zehava
Orel Azori Bat Limor – The female soldier stabbed in Hadera (11.10.2015). She is in very serious condition.
Ron Shai Ben Sigalit
Avraham Ben Rut
Sahar Ben Shoshana
Dvir Ben Shoshana
Aharon Moshe Chaim Ben Chaya Chana – Injured in his upper from a stabbing in Jerusalem. He is married with children and really needs our prayers.
Sagi Ben Orit – An IDF officer who was injured on his head from a stone throwing (07.10.2015)
Nir Ben Shoshi – Wounded from a Molotov cocktail just before Hoshana Raba.
Moshe Ben Orli – Wounded from stabbings just before Hoshana Raba,
Meir Yitzchak Ben Sarah
Wounded and widowed on Saturday 03.10.2015 (and released yesterday from the hospital, but still in need of tefillot)
Odel Bat Miriam
Natan Ben Odel

Anonymous said...

Amen v' Amen!!! :)

Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

Dassie said...

Thanks very much for this, Devorah. It's the most complete list I've come across.
Tizki l'mitzvot.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The 13 year old boy on the bike from Pisgat Ze'ev is Na'or Shalev ben Rut Elisheva