Monday, November 16, 2015

The Untold story of an Empty Wedding Hall

Left: Netanel Litman, 18, right: Rabbi Yaakov Litman.

This is the story of the heinous double-murder of Rabbi Yaakov Litman and his 18 year-old son, Netanel.

The car was filled with various members of the Litman family, seven all told. They were on their way to Metar, where their daughter Sarah’s groom to be, Ariel Biegel, the rabbi’s son, would be called to read from the Torah on his last Shabbat as a single man. Candies would be thrown at him by the joyous congregants, wishing him a long and sweet life with his bride. There would be singing, and two families getting to know each other over shared meals, and lots and lots of mazal tovs. 

But it was not to be. The car was set upon by Arab terrorists who laid in wait for Jewish prey, in a car by the side of the road. The terrorists sprayed the car filled with Litmans, taking out father and son, leaving a mother and various other family members wounded and grieving.

Read it all here:  The Litman Murders: The Untold Story Of An Empty Wedding Hall


H08701 said...

Cannot even begin to fathom....especially so since I too am a young single girl who dreams of the day....
When the world turns their attention away.....if this is not it - than what is???..... Only Hashem can and will comfort Sarah, her mother, the siblings, all the extended family together with all of Klal Yisroel that grieves, mourns, cries, and raises their eyes only upwards. Nobody cares about us, we have no people, protektzia, government, political figures to rely on. No fame, money, or power will help us. We have only one address. And we cry and cry and cry some more that Hashem have mercy on us - for no one else has - and to please lift us up for once and for all and return us to Him. To beg of Hashem to show the world who the chosen nation is. To show the world who's land it is.
Not sure where - but I very recently read somewhere that as Hashem is shifting this world to the world of light and truth - the crazier, senseless, and the like are the events down here - the closer we are to the ultimate peaceful world of truth.
May Hashem have much rachamim on us and my we get through this period intact as we await the revealing of His holy name and be guided back to our home with Melech Hamashiach, Amen! Amen! Amen!

Anonymous said...

This is hearbreaking.
What i thought when i first read the story on Israel National News, is the Prime Minister, does not ever say much about the cold blooded and heartless murders of his people, but his quick words of sympathy and arms reach out far away to people who have been murdered in a far away place, in cafes and concert halls. Makes one wonder.

the PM may have said some words for the brutal murder of this father and son, but not enough - like he has for murders of other peoples rather than his own in the country of which he rules as head to safeguard his citizens.
This beautiful couple, who had such a lovely day to look forward to, now have guests who are coming but to mourn with them.
Why? Why?
Then seeing those old walls of Jerusalem lit up in sympathy for those killled far away, but the daily brutal killings of Jews in their land, just goes with it seems, a hum. and some empty words, and life carries on.

What a world..i am angry , I am sad, and i can do nothin- , nothing to stop the insane killing of Gd's people, except the one thing to pray and plead with Hashem, and sometimes, may Hashem forgive me, i feel Hashem too does not seem to care.
Sorry, i just had to vent out my feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

May Hashem send them the comfort. May Hashem have mercy on Am Israel and send Mashiach soon. Amen.

Devorah said...

When I look at the face of the father who was murdered I see a tzadik. Hashem chooses the best to take away from us. All of the murdered Israelis are tzadikim, and with most of them you can see that in their faces. It is always the tzadikim who atone for the generation.

Anonymous said...

I feel this is an appropriate song to sing now in the times we are in..
May Hashem hear the cries if Am Israel and the cries of all those who stand with and for klal Israel.


Anonymous said...

H08701, Please do not say _'Nobody cares about us", for you are wrong, many who are not of the Chosen, but are noahides and perhaps even others, do care, do hurt for Am Israel and do love you.
Together we all have Hasem, B"H.

The tide will soon turn, and You all will triumph with Hashems' help. Amen and amen.

H08701 said...

You are right!
It just came out with all the sad feelings.
Hashem is with us and He loves all of us dearly.
I'm sorry if I may have hurt or offended you and others.

Anonymous said...

H08701, no.. not hurt, i understand how you feel. Just wanted to make you feel you are not alone,a lot of us are davening for what is happening.

Its such a painful time the world is going through but as Rabbis' say, its the birth pangs - and B'H. Mashiach will come.
Please take good care of yourself. Hashem bless you and Am Israel, and also... all those who stand for Klal Israel and for the truth of Torah.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking exactly the same thing. The faces of our martyrs are all so pure. Even without knowing anything about them, you can see that they are holy people. And the opposite can be said of the "pere adam" that commit these atrocities.


Anonymous said...

Hashem yikom damam! 90% or more of these kedoshim are usually the cream of Jewish society, who gave their lives al kiddush H' and yet they are the ones who are usually demonized by fellow Jews(?) in Eretz HaKodesh and elsewhere. The sin for this against kedoshim is disgraceful. Also, as far as Bibi is concerned, he is first and foremost an internationalist and there is where his priority lies. We all realize by now the leadership is not run by Torah Jews, that even come close to any Jewish governing.