Friday, November 27, 2015

Three Rabbis Speak [video]

Signs that show ''We are in Moshiach's time'' / Gog U Magog / Don't blame the secular Jews

Rabbi Asher Vaknin [English]; Rabbi Mizrachi [English]; Rabbi Amrami [Hebrew]



Anonymous said...

Here in The Netherlands we still have a king and a queen. I think some other European countries too. Are they going to dissapair soon? I don't get it.


Neshama said...

HaShem really gifted Rabbi Mizrachi. He knows how to reach inside the audience. I only wish I could have heard Rabbi Mizrachi giving over Rav Amrami's lecture. Thank you Devorah, this was enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Written above here: Don't blame the secular Jews. Think no one is blaming the secular Jews; they are that way because they are like kidnapped children. The ones who are to blame are those in control at the top and the outsiders who are manipulating the control. But, it is H' who is really in control and His Plan includes everything that's going on, but it is leading to our geulah.

Avi said...

As the entire world will be renew, all the kings of the world disappear. Such kings are a reminiscence of feudal times, today their role is to embody nobility, a fading quality of humanity. Although the royal houses nowadays may bring more stability to the nations, such social constructs aren't correlant with the world to come, and they cannot be compared with the royal house of David, and as such to Mashiach.
Inspired rabbis point out the characteristics of Mashiach's personality, qualities net superior to any king in the world today.