Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit has won ! [BBC]

The BBC and ITV networks are reporting that Brexit has won the vote for the UK to LEAVE the European Union.

The Nikkei has plummeted more than 1000 points and has halted trading [now re-opened] and Asian stocks are a sea of red.

''Markets around the world are Freaking Out''


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Anonymous said...

The Gemara says that before the coming of Moshiach, a person won't even have a penny (a prouta) in his pocket. I guess this is a good sign.

Anonymous said...

To annonymours @12.05 AM
That is scary.. if literal..

But today, hardly anyone carry any money in their pockets. ( perhaps just a few do),
because of the plastic money.. debit, visa... etc;


Anonymous said...

Anonny it applies to all kinds of money, actual cash or plastic. If all the computers went down, what would we do about credit cards? I always try to keep some cash on hand, but ultimately that's out of our control as well.

Shuki said...

Well he should have been here long ago if based on money or cc's in my pocket. This country is sucking the life out of me.