Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Love This

I don't know what this is, perhaps Nibiru, perhaps not.  Whatever the case, I love the way these people are cheering Hashem.  This is how we should be all the time.  [And please ignore the final message in the last few seconds, that has nothing to do with the people cheering Hashem]


LondonMale said...

There is a phenomena known as a "Sunset Rainbow".

Devorah said...

Wow that's amazing, thanks London Male. Not Niburu at all. But I still love it.

Neshama said...

Yes, I didn’t think it was Nibiru. What it was I didn’t know. But LondonMale has clued us in. In any event, these Africaners know something from G–D when they see it. Beautiful. BTW Menachem of AbsoluteTruth seems to believe that we WILL SEE Nibiru soon and it will be sooner than we think.