Sunday, December 18, 2016

Five Life Lessons

The Alter Rebbe: Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi
[1745-1812] The Founder of Chabad

Written by Rabbi Dov Greenberg

Five Life Lessons from one of the greatest Jewish mystics: the Alter Rebbe

1. Don't worry about the state of someone else's soul and the needs of your body,
    Worry about the needs of someone else's body and the state of your own soul.

2.  The bite of the snake doesn't kill you, it's poison does.
     The bite is the sin itself; the poison is that voice inside us that whispers ''You are a loser''.
     Ignore that voice and move on.

3.  Having faith in G-d means having faith in other people, and the measure of our righteousness
     lies in how many people we value, not in how many we condemn.

4.  A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness.

5.  Heaven is nice, but on the best things like acts of loving kindness, earth has exclusive rights.


Anonymous said...

As Always... Thank you Devorah!!

Oh, Shavua Tov to you..:) and all your followers of your blog.

You do shine a ligjt!!

Than you to the ALter Rebbe. so true what he said.. I am sure he watches all from Shamyin.

Beautiful to see these sayings of his at the st the starting of a new week.

Hashem bless you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Devorah - beautiful five lessons. I whatsapped it to my entire family. Holy words of light to live by and remember.
I'm going to try to do the daily Tanya when the new cycle begins on yud tes kislev. Its been a long time but I feel this incredible longing to feel that warmth again.