Sunday, December 11, 2016

''The Light of the Sun Shall be Sevenfold''

And the light of the moon shall be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold as the light of the seven days, on the day the Lord shall bind the fracture of His people, and the stroke of their wound He shall heal. [Isaiah 30:26]

I know some of you do not like it when I post videos from Steve Olson, who talks about the approach of Nibiru and the changes we are seeing in the skies, but I could not resist this one.

Apart from the fact that Venus is now blue - with a hole in the centre - the sun is apparently ''picking up extra electrons from the iron dust around it, causing it to burn helium instead of hydrogen'' - which will have the effect of the sun's brightness being increased SEVEN times, as described in the prophecy of Isaiah above.

The relevant part of the video begins around 3:45 mins.  This is Steve Olson's new You Tube channel, he was evicted from his old channel but has re-appeared here.


Neshama said...

So glad you posted this. People are inquiring about Steve’s welfare and new videos.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed for a few months that the sun is almost unbearably bright. I believe you wrote about this previously. Thanks for this post. BTW, I wonder about any effects (current or expected) on the moon?


Leah said...

Hi Devorah. Shavua tov. Amazing shots from this guy. Who is he and why do some not like him to be a part of your posts?

Devorah said...

People complained that I was wasting too much time on these videos, as well as the other problem which is that he is a Xtian who often preaches his faith.

Devorah said...

Kalman: this summer in Australia, the sun is ridiculously hot. I am dreading the rest of the season.

Leah said...

Ok, I see. If his scientific knowledge is accurate I can ignore the x-tian refernces...

Anonymous said...

Not all truth about everything comes from Jews. Our sages say there is wisdom in the Gentile world. To totally disregard someone's knowledge (non G-d elated knowledge) because they are Gentile is just foolish..What about the great discoverers/Astronomers who were not Jewish who brought us knowledge of so much of space and our world? Yes, the xtian stuff is annoying but he has good info..


Anonymous said...

I am going to comment, perhaps it might not get published for whatever reason, i know not...

This comment form Anonymous, signed Emunah, ( speaking a little kimdly about non-jews) these so called gentiles, aka, `goyim`, they are mostly viewied as having not Gd in their lives, Here i will say, include me.. i am non-Jew too.

Tried my best,. to agree with whatever Jews said about what we are, some saying, we have no soul, some this, and that, mostly hurtful things.
i have found that what is said about non-Jews, well i can say how I have been used, dicarded by one Frum Jew, over a silly misunderstanding. One i thought of as an Àngel`sent to me...`by Hashem...
Was i wrong..

I am just following a Creator now... period.. What Creator does and deals with me so be it...
No one knows the heart or mind of anyone.. only the Creator.

Leah said...

SC, follow Hashem. One can never go wrong. :)

Anonymous said...

First, Shalom to all, and thank you Devorah, where we can post our comments, sometimes not nice too, like mine was, where one Dear Leah has responded to, in such a kind way.

.. Thank you Leah..

Now i have to say, i have been wrong in many things, (like some of us, we fall, and with Hashem's help, go on with a little bit o'help from friends, and those we meet on blogs),
I am leaning,albeit too slowly, not to jump to conclusions. i am guilty of a lot of that. Thanks to learning about 'Hitbodedut, (just got back on here after doing that;)) , and here i am confessing and also to let you know, that the friend i referred to as- Angel, is still one, and all is well. B'H.

But i have to say how this happened, as this is like a miracle for me, and to be truthful, I went to "Shuvu Banim", via this, Devorah's Blog ( thank you Devorah), and read a bit, scrolled down as i truly needed help with this self-pity bout i was going through.
I saw phone numbers there, and called the one closet to where i live, and asked for a blessing from the- Rav. That is Rav Berland.

The person who spoke to me, was so kind, and i told him how i was so down, and a bit more, and he said, that the Rav, would pray for me, and there it is, for today,all seemed to get all cleared up.
And with my friend, who for me will remain always that 'special' Angel.
If by chance this my special friend, (who i know was sent to me by HaSHEM, for it is truly how i feel within meself),reads this.. then, please here i am thanking you again for forgiving me, for whatever i said or did..

Leah, Hashem is really The Only Great One. Not anyone of us can do without Hashem's loving kindness. Hashem is there for all.. Baurch Hashem.

Yes, i do follow Hashem, and i also have learned from many of Hashem's Chosen.
I love the Chosen, i also love all good people in general all non-Jews too.

i feel for all who are right at this moment going through horrid things, in various places around the world, for just being themselves and wanting to live without hurting anyone.

Another fault i have is i can carry on and on and on.. so i better quit now.
All i want to say one last thing, please Everyone... keep the People of Amona in your prayers.
i do not think any of us could go through another repeat of what happened in Gush Katif.

Hashem bless you all and yours. Shabbat Shalom to all who observe Shabbat, even tho this is a bit early.

Devorah, special thanks to you. Hashem bless you.