Friday, December 9, 2016

In Defence of Rabbi Mizrachi

Once again, a band of angry people have publicly come out to condemn Rabbi Mizrachi.  This time, it is a group of wellknown and respected Rabbis who are doing the condemning.   I do not agree with them, and am therefore publishing Rabbi Mizrachi's response below, which was kindly translated by blogger Yeranen Yaakov.

Translation of the response from Rabbi Mizrachi:

Rabbi Mizrachi sent in response: Again and again, those zealous, fight-inducing people are expending efforts to harm the Teshuva campaign that embraces the world which I have been successful in building for 23 years of back-breaking work. It does not interest them that every year, there are many thousands of Ba'alei Teshuva in Israel and the world. As far as they're concerned, all of them would be lost forever - the main thing is their claims about what I said in its time many years ago regarding the terrible assimilation that preceded the Holocaust and caused many people with Jewish names not being Jewish according to Halacha and the Torah, something that anyone with a brain and truth knows - and that is exactly the situation in the US today.

Every time before I come to a speaking tour in Israel, whereby thousands of Jews are strengthened, amazingly those claims again start tweeting. Baruch Hashem, I work for Hashem and not for them, and we continue to grow every month Baruch Hashem just like it was from the day I started working. On the day that they will stop inventing lies and accusations against me, I will know that I have finished my mission for Am Yisrael.

Another article at Kikar adds how he received approbations from Dayanim in New York - see photo above - as well as receiving dozens of letters of support from Rabbanim Hashuvim after the original letter went out.

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