Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From Delight to Affliction

From the teachings of the Ben Ish Chai

Anyone who speaks lashon hara - afflictions come upon him. [Arachin 15b]

A lashon hara speaker changes the order of letters.  By causing a falling out between friends, he turns לשׁון - "tongue" into נשׁול - "fall".

By ruining a precious vessel - "the lips of knowledge are a precious vessel" [Proverbs 20:15] - he turns יקר "precious" into קרי - "impurity".

Measure for measure, ענג - oneg -"delight" will turn into נגע - nogah - "affliction" - and afflictions will come upon him.


814 אורנה ניצבת said...

It is so interesting, that the first one after Adam, that is born without orla= without a wall between him and Hashem, was the first one in generation, that actually has fingers as we know it, just for very important reason: to put them in his ears to prevent lashon ha ra enter them.

Anonymous said...

That would be Noach, according to the Midrash. His predecessors had webbed fingers.

814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Now tomorrow there will be a sort of brit..
Of my grandson, may Hashem be his Joy, always, somewhere in North of Israel.

We all need Mashiah Tzidkeinu to be crowned finally to keep our fingers in this evil generation for the right purpose, to not to hear evil.
For when you hear evil, its like a virus, just the strongest survive it, and let me tell you, we are not that strong!

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov!

angela said...


814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Toda rabba!
Sort of brit=>
Bli orla.