Monday, September 11, 2017

Deciphering Irma

The Ariza'l lists the four elements of creation as:





The kabbalists explain that when man becomes corrupt, the elements of the earth follow suit. This is Hashem's way of showing man that he must change his ways. The first Hebrew initials of the four elements are aleph, resh, mem and aleph - guess what they spell - "Irma". Who else is speaking if not Hashem? Will the so-called intellectuals still say "random" and "nature"? The Gemara says there is no pity for the spiritually ignorant.

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Devorah said...

Before Redemption, A Great Roaring of Water

mselbit said...

Tonight on Tamar Yonah's show on IsraelTalk Radio, 20:15 Israel time, Rabbi Mendel Kessin will talk about recent storms, the eclipse, North Korea, Iran and their relationship to the messianic process.

Devorah said...

Thanks I'll post up a link tomorrow, hopefully.

bigben said...

In the Tanya portion for Chai Elul, (September 9th this year) it speaks of Aish, Ruach, Mayim and Ofor (Fire, Wind, Water and Ashes or Dust) and even has a nutrikin of Aleph, Reish, Mem and Ayin ( IRMA?)
My take in the context is that we have been humbled by the threat of this Hurricane and Hashem's chesed in changing the projected intensity and course. As Avrohom Avenu said I am ofor v' efer.

Devorah said...

thank you BigBen, I found the portion you are referring to, if anyone wants to read it for themselves Click here