Friday, September 1, 2017

Better to Give

Jews customarily increase their giving of tzedakah and performance of good deeds and mitzvot... from Rosh HaShanah through Yom Kippur, more so than during the rest of the year...  

and in this vein I am publishing this short post from Baruch Landa on behalf of Sulam Israel - please visit the site and consider a small [or large] donation for their worthwhile endeavours in helping children with disabilities in Israel.

Charity for the Disabled on the Rise

One of the sectors experiencing a ‘growth spurt’ in donations is ‘Disabled Charities’ – people, and children specifically, with disabilities such as organizations like Sulam Israel, who provide various child development programs to disabled children. This includes children with Autism and Down Syndrome, both of which have been on the rise on an annual basis. Organizations like these serve hundreds of students daily, with hundreds of staff members and dozens of branches.

Before organizations like these existed, the integration rate (into society) for these disabled children was in the single digits. However, by donating to disabled charities like Sulam, we can increase the integration rate to over 30%!

Let’s help give children with disabilities the gift of a future.


LondonMale said...

The Sulam website does not load properly so I cannnot donate to them.

Anonymous said...

There was a post here awhile ago that said the Statue of liberty would fall before Moshiach came. The inscription on the statue is a poem by Emma Lazarus that reads in part,
"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me"

This is the US welcoming immigrants. Trump said no more and has cracked down and is planning a wall. It could be said the Statue has fallen, metaphorically speaking.

On another blog it was pointed out that Trump's name has the same gematria as Moshiach. This could mean that Trump came right before Moshiach comes.

Devorah said...

It's working for me London Male, but here is a direct link to the donations page, try that: Sulam Donations

Anonymous: Yes we hope that Trump's gematria is an indication that Moshiach is not far off.

LondonMale said...

Thank you Devorah.
The new page loads but would not accept my donation.
I will find another charity to donate to.

Devorah said...

I see they accept only UK or US credit cards, which means I can't donate either. I usually only give to charities with a Paypal option, or I use a direct bank transfer as I don't like putting my credit card on the internet.... but anyway I hope Baruch reads these comments and fixes the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Devorah & LondonMale - thank you for pointing this out. It's true that Sulam does not currently have a PayPal option, however they do have the direct bank info on the site which you can find on the 'Contact Us' page here:

We realize the difficulty in donating and we are working on fixing this issue. Thank you all again for your interest; know that you are making a BIG impact.