Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Truth About The End

Don't believe all the negative prophecies on the internet.

It is easy to prophesy disaster. If the prophecy comes true, then you have spoken the truth. If it does not, then you can say: G‑d relented and forgave. 

A negative prophecy cannot be refuted – but a positive one can. 

If the good foreseen comes to pass, then the prophecy is true. 

If it does not, then you cannot say, ‘G‑d changed His mind’ because G‑d does not retract from a promise He has made of good, or peace, or return. [Yirmiyahu] 

It is therefore only when the prophet offers a positive vision that he can be tested. 

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In the redemption from Egypt, our Sages explain, only one Jew out of five left. Four-fifths of the people died in the plague of darkness.

In the Future Redemption, by contrast, no Jew will be left behind. Every member of our people will share in Mashiach's coming.

Why the difference? Because at the time of Mashiach's coming, the truth of G-dliness will be revealed. At the core of every Jew lies a soul that is "an actual part of G-d," a spark of His being. When the truth of G-dliness will be revealed, every Jew will realize that G-dliness is the truth of his own being.

By anticipating the Redemption and applying its truths to our own lives now, we can bring it closer. Realizing and focusing on the G-dly spark within ourselves serves as a catalyst for the revelation of G-dliness throughout existence.  [Lubavitcher Rebbe]

See No Jew Will Be Left Behind

@ 2:24:20 in this video

Question to Rabbi Kessin:  If one-fifth [of the Jews] went out with Moshe, does that have to be repeated in this Redemption?

Answer from Rabbi Kessin: No.  Because with Moshe Rabbeinu they went out with zchus - they merited to go out because they suffered for 210 years.

Today it's not zchus, it's b'ito [in it's time].  It's the End, and when it's the end everybody goes out.
That's a big difference.
It's the End Time.

At that time they earned the right to be redeemed.  

We must be redeemed because G-d swore he will bring the Redeemer for his Great Name.

And that's why Yaakov wanted to reveal to his kids the acharis yaamim...  that is b'ito.... that is the End.


Devorah said...

''It is therefore only when the prophet offers a positive vision that he can be tested.''

The Lubavitcher Rebbe famously prophesied that the Gulf War would end by Purim
and I am old enough to personally remember when he said that.

So we can believe it when he says that no Jew will be left behind.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Pinchas Winston cites Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein, who states the following:
“The exodus from Egypt liberated only one out of five Jews — and some say one out of every 50 – because all those who were bound to Egypt and did not want to depart died in the three days of darkness and were not privileged to leave. That is, only those who desired redemption with all their hearts were redeemed.”

However, what most people do not know is what Rabbi Levenstein adds:
“The Final Redemption, likewise, depends upon our yearning."

Anonymous said...

You right and not right at the same time. May be we all going to go out.But, people who desired redemption with all their hearts will be redeemed, but who did not , their bodies wont get olam habah, because they play different role, like instruments in Hashem hands. Their souls will attach to the previous body and will enter olam habah
That is what my rabbi saying. Well, I can see that is may be true, because my children made me cry and daven to Hashem a lot. So i become closer to Him.

סר said...

The time of the End is surely known from the impending Gog uMagog war. We can see alliances forging, most important being Yisrael - India. And Russia will join.
The criteria to know the winners is the right conduct, for in the olam haba there is place only for such nations.
The survivals, the true Jews, will be those opening olam haba. There will be also true Jews dying, but later on resurrected at the right time.
We avoid making prediction, but the events we witness on the world arena compel us to see the vector of development.
With the Korea freezing potential war fields, the theatre of operations will move to the Middle East. Iran has already obtained nuclear technology from North Korea, it makes that country hard to defeat in war. Only a huge natural disaster defeats Iran. Obama's legacy cannot be undone. That is why their clergy want to keep it.
Mashiach won't come unless Am Yisrael is ready for her king. We are in 5778, the year of the chet ח. The time is up. The shaking, the terrifying, the geulah. Immerse in prayer, create a centrality in your mind, feel what means to be Jewish, and to have a mission.

Anonymous said...

Approximately 130 years ago, Rabbeinu Tzidkiyah zt”l wrote in the name of his brother R’ Binyamin zt”l, the following: “Even if a person will be alive when the redemption arrives, one will be written in the group of the wicked who do not believe and are not fit for the redemption, as we find by [the redemption from] Egypt that all those who did not believe in the redemption (i.e. yearn for it) died during the three days of darkness and did not merit to leave Egypt."

Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai says that once Moshiach is manifested throughout the whole universe all the kings will unite to fight against him and even in our nation there will be found some wicked ones who shall join them in the fight against Moshiach. Then there will be darkness over all the world for fifteen days and many of our people shall perish in that darkness.

- excerpted from

Leah said...

Awesome Devorah. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly greatful about this post. I've been responding to some other blogs over the past few years, questioning them on the validity of their claims, from a jewish perspective. None of my concerns ever got posted. I take that as a sign that as much as some claim to want the truth only, they are either blinded or they are responsible for searching in the 'wrong places'.

For one, throughout ALL generations, living in EY has never ever been a prerequisite for being saved when Moshiach comes! Sure, a Yid craved to live in the Holy Land, and it's a Mitvah, but never was this mandatory. I cringe when I see these posts, and I feel so sorry for all of the lonely people out there who become miserable when reading it. They need to 'beg' the posters to understand their dire predicaments and their reasoning for not making aliyah. This is ludicrous at best!

Not one of the very few present Gedolim/Tzaddikim have requested that this message (that we should all make aliyah) be passed on to the jewish world. Wouldn't they want us all to be saved?

What about all of those 'poor jewish souls' who have been guarding their eyes, hearts, and souls, and haven't been browsing the web? Will they be left out simply because nobody has ever told them to resettle asap???

We do not stay put where we live due to the gashmius. Living in a 3 bedroom apt with 12 people is hardly called luxurious. We need to live our lives as 'normal' as we can, and still yearn for Moshiach. Trust me, the moment that we will hear (from mainstream Rabbonim, and NOT the inet) that the right thing to do is to make aliyah, I will take every last penny that I can get my hands on, and fly right over. And honestly, I think that I'm talking for most/all Yidden. But, as far back as I can remember, Moshiach will make sure we get there!

Fear Mongering is not a jewish concept(sounds christian to me.....). Awaiting Moshiach should be a 'happy' thing.


Devorah said...

Thank you SK, I also am aware that the dire predictions cause many people to fear greatly and worry... as if a mother of small children doesn't already have enough to worry about about.... people surviving on a bare minimum wage with no prospect of picking up life and moving to Israel..... and that ridiculous ''gashmius'' if we're all living the high life....Some might be surprised to learn that a large percentage of diaspora Jews are not rich at all and live in poverty! I think the fear mongering is dangerous and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Devorah for adding positivity to the whole Moshiach blog roll...the Rebbi had such faith in klal yisroel. He loved each and every one of us, no matter how close or far from yiddishkeit. The Rebbi said we will all be redeemed this gave people strength and emunah and made people want Moshiach to come. There are bloggers saying hellfire is gonna rain down, most people will die and they make the entire redemption gruesome. Then they cant understand why people arent eagerly anticipating Moshiach. The Rebbe said the holocaust was Gog u Magog and I trust the Rebbe over any blogger. Life is difficult, most people are struggling with this thing or that thing...not everyone has the strength anymore to be as holy perfect and pure as certain bloggers. Some of us barely have the strength to get up and do what we must. We struggle to grasp at whatever comfort and hope we can hold on to. THe Rebbe said we should think good and it will be good. Some days, I struggle to do even that. People carry different burdens in this life, we shouldnt be to eager to judge people as wicked. YOu dont have to post this...I just wanted to say thank you really for making your blog a warm, light filled welcoming place of hope. your site unlike others never fills me with abject fear or sorrow, instead there is a beautiful spiritual warmth that it kindles inside me. You are a true chossid and this is a unique form of mivtzaim. Im sure the rebbe would be proud of all the good youve caused to be done and all the chizzuk youve spread. You should be zoche to see merit from your kindness both in this world and the next. I bentch you with good health for you and your entire mishpoche, parnassa, mazal, and nachas from your family. Thank You very much, youve been there when I needed it without even realizing you did so...kol Hakavod!

Anonymous said...

And BTW maybe 'no jew will be left behind' means that 'in the end' Hashem will bring us all to Tshuva. But the Erev Rav, whom we consider to be jewish, they will not repent and perish.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for adding one more comment here, after I read your answer.... 'I think the fear mongering is dangerous and wrong.'

It is indeed, very very dangerous. That's why I took the time to write that comment above, and the following:

Here's why I consider this so very dangerous. I felt it on my own skin. I am one you'd call 'very settled', FFB, frum community, wonderful parents, steadfast emunah and bitachon was taught to me since I'm little, wonderful learned husband and large family of frum precious children, a teacher, a mentor, running a business.... The reason that I got to these blogs is cuz I was referred to the autistic's site, dani18. I'm desperately yearning for Moshiach and I found some like minded souls here. I must confess, however that for at least 2 years this bordered on insanity. Reading and believing all of these blogs is dangerous! It made me sick.... I felt like I must move asap.... I couldn't even focus on improving, because I was so obsessed with the 'gashmius' part of Moshiach, i.e. moving to EY! I started wondering if my very community, my parents, my husband, my in-laws, my Rav, other Rabbanim..... are all living in oblivion!!

If those were the thoughts and doubts that I was having, I cannot possibly fathom how some special people, who are going through hard times, are feeling. Poor them. And some of them do not even have the support to withstand this wind.

B"H I begged Hashem to show me the way, and somehow I extricated myself from all of this falsity. I still yearn, I still follow the signs, but I feel that my focus needs to be on the Ruchnius part. Hashem will get me there. I'm sure about that!


Devorah said...

Anonymous @ 8:02 - Rabbi Mizrachi's latest video:
Gentile Converts Replace Lost Jews That Disobeyed God (Erev Rav, Traitors, Spiritual Holocaust)

Devorah said...

SF thank you so much, that was beautiful. Before I started this blog the Rebbe came to me in a dream. In the dream I was lighting candles, and the Rebbe came from behind me and lit them for me. The day after that dream I started blogging. It was a sign for me that the Rebbe would cover me, as I was very nervous about the whole blogging scene, but at the same time i needed to do it... the reason why is a whole megillah which I'll save for another day.
Thanks for the chizuk.

Anonymous said...

Doomsday & disaster is NOT the Torah and Judaic Derech (path). The principles of Jewish faith is Toras Chaim meaning a Torah of LIFE and a living Torah, a Torah which permeates every part of our existence, and is relevant to all that we DO.

It is to LIVE this Torah, here and now. An effective force for justice and compassion in our communities, our society, and our world. We must work toward creating a more optimistic future for us all! The end of times in Judaism is tranformation and redemption (to a world of COMPASSION, MERCY, GOODNESS & KINDNESS).

The world stands upon 3 things. Torah, Avodah (Divine Service), Gemilus Chasadim (Acts of kindness). The three things upon which the world stand are a combination of elevation from below to above, and drawing down from above to below (a whole other blog topic!)

All mankind will worship one G‑d, and live a more spiritual and moral way of life. The Jewish nation will be preoccupied with learning Torah and fathoming its secrets.

The coming of Moshiach will complete G‑d’s purpose in creation: for man to make an abode for G‑d in the lower worlds—that is, to reveal the inherent spirituality in the material world. A tranformation, a so called utopian dream :)

Devorah said...

Why Are There No More Prophets?

Goldie ZP said...

SK, I for one needed to hear this! Thank you. I have family there. And because Lech Lecha is forever in my head

Rachel said...

Thank you all , I needed this thread today. Thank you especially to SK, whose words I could have written myself, if not for the fact that I am feeling very scared and unsure if I will ever get out of here. Sometimes we need our gut feelings verbalized by someone else whose convictions are coming from a stronger place. May we be redeemed NOW.

סר said...

Valuable comments were written above. This shows a wave of awakening among Am Yisrael.
Truly Judaism is about the hope and fulfilment for the better, but in order for the new to dawn, the old has to disappear. And that isn't done in a peaceful manner, but in a struggle. We see all over Tanach that the struggle accompanies the right direction, the correction of the path as outlined by our Creator.
So is with the End of Days struggle. The darkness opposes the light, the evil will fight the goodness. Isn't of a surprise the the evil world will fight Mashiach, as a comment stipulates above. Even we want a smooth transition to olam haba, that is impossible to occur now. The world is too much deviated towards the evil, the confrontation is inevitabile. Our writings is clear about the scenario of the End, it will be a huge struggle, HaShem Himself is involved in that fight through his tzaddik, the Mashiach.
This blog is revitalised by the relevant subjects of the days, the geulah, the Mashiach, Gog uMagog war, olam haba, the destiny of Jewish people, the Messianic Age, etc. We can see truly inspired people able to have valuable interpretation, the example of Yaakov Y., the blogger, is my personal favorite.
Many indications point to 5778 as crucial.
As one comment above says, isn't necessary to move to Yisrael in order to be saved. But a good advise to any Jew is to quit those countries not having a place in olam haba. The level of destruction of such countries equal that of Sodom and G. What chance of survival has a rightful Jew in such a place? It's true that he will be resurrected, but why experience a painful and agonising death? So, consider that the End of Days will find you living in countries that survive. Which are they? You will get the inspiration to discover them. Remember also to rely on HaShem. Take the risk, go empty handed, leave the comfortable life in a countries full of evil! And see what happens! The anchor is only your believe in HaShem. He won't disappoint you.
The time left to the End is short beemet. The 5778 is the year of resolution. Wake up and find your rightful place! The power of Mashiach is yet to manifest. Truly every rightful Jew is saved.
Imagine the new world, the Torah of Mashiach, the unlimited power of the mind, the opening of the universe in the Messianic Age. Raise the hands to shamayim, compose yourself, you are a Soul with a mission.

סר said...

And Devorah lighting candles in Sydney during many years. Awesome mission!

Rachel said...

סר, in one fell swoop you negated and nullified all of the wonderful comments in this thread, even as you pretended to praise the comments. You still fail to comprehend that some of us cannot at the moment pick up and move ANYWHERE. It is not a matter of leaving gashmius and going empty handed to some unknown place that Divine Inspiration will show us. Some of us have elderly ailing parents who cannot be moved, or young grandchildren whose parents we cannot convince to follow us, or any other number of reasons why, if we are here, Hashem wants us here. And that is the point. Why suffer a painful and agonizing death, you ask? Because that can happen wherever we are. It happened to my teenaged daughter and my elderly Holocaust survivor alike, a painful and agonizing cancer death. And you know why it happened? Because it was Hashem's will, THAT'S WHY! And tourists who go to Eretz Yisrael and are kidnapped and tortured by terrorists? Same thing, Hashem's will. Can I run away from Hashem's will? NO! If you think you can, you're a fool. Hashem in His infinite wisdom and unknown plan has placed me in New York and made it impossible at the moment for me to be anywhere else. So either of two main scenarios will take place. Either I will die a painful and agonizing death, according to Hashem's will, or He will in His infinite mercy, rescue me and take me out of harm's way should that be necessary. I pray for the latter of course. But how can I argue with whatever He decides is best? We are not here for a party. We are not here to enjoy ourselves. If you get to enjoy yourself while you're here, that's a bonus. And of course you go with the attitude of accepting your fate with happiness. But don't dare try to scare those of us who are stuck here into changing our surroundings when we CAN'T. It is not nice, unfair, and shows a basic lack of emunah that it is indeed Hashem who rules and runs the world. Ein od milevado.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to download MP3 as you suggested and it keeps on telling me to download update for flash player. I keep on doing it and it still gives me that message. It almost sounds like a hoax. Any ideas??


Devorah said...

To be honest SK I haven't used it, but I just tried it out and it's diverting me to a Google site ''from doc to pdf''. Doesn't seem like a virus, but at the same time, it doesn't seem great either. Sorry about that one, I'll deleted the link to that.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, just to add to your comment..... The point of the matter is that we were never mandated to live in EY at the time of the redemption, or at any point. It's a Mitzvah, if that's possible. Otherwise, we need to have the geulah and EY in our hearts, and do everything in our power to get closer to Hashem and His Torah------from where we live.

There will be an 'ingathering of the exiles'. We were promised so.

Don't take any of those dire warnings seriously.

They have no basis whatsoever.

They are not people in the know.

They certainly are not our gedolim.

This is our mesorah from thousands of years back.

This is the Emes!

No rightious jews will be left behind!


Anonymous said...

"And tourists who go to Eretz Yisrael and are kidnapped and tortured by terrorists?"

When did that happen? I don't know of a single case. Are you aware of what happens to people who say lashon hara against the Land of Israel?

Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't do anything. But, it sounds like your hashkafa leaves no room for free will.


Rachel said...

You took that WAY out of context! I did not say even one word of lashon hara against the land of Israel, chas ve'shalom! If I could, I would be in Eretz Yisrael right this second! I was speaking in general terms in answer to another comment about "why suffer a painful and agonizing death," as the post insinuated that by not coming to Israel, that would happen. My point was that it could happen anywhere, even in Israel! Talk about twisting someone's words and completely misconstruing the meaning. My "hashkafa," as you call it, leaves plenty of room for free will, but Hashem imposes certain limitations on our circumstances. If He put me in the position that results in the fact that the only way I am able to change my city of residence is by abandoning my family, including elderly and ailing members who depend on me, certainly I have the free will to do so, but that would not make it the right choice in Hashem's eyes. We have the free will to make the best of the circumstances that Hashem gives us, taking into account the needs of everyone around us. I really take offense at your tone with me. Maybe instead of preaching against lashon hara with someone who was doing no such thing, you should try being dan le'chaf zchus.

Devorah said...

It's a sad state of affairs when we have to defend ourselves for looking after our families. People need to stop judging others - no-one really knows anyone else's situation, even if they think they do.

There are many people who have tried to make Aliyah and ended up going back to where they came from, simply because they couldn't sustain it. And please don't anyone say that ''the Land threw them out'' because you only need to look at some of the low-lifes that live in Israel to understand it's not that simple.

Yes in a perfect world we'd all be there now, but the world is not perfect [yet]. When Moshiach comes the entire world will be Israel, and the whole of Israel will be Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

All the Jews in the world have already their destiny sealed in the Book of Life.
What we observe in the last period of time is the fact that more and more people are unable to move, i.e. to have free will as by large did happen so far. HaShem has now huge communities assembled in certain places, the people sharing common destiny.
There is no point to argue over going or not going to Yisrael, an area protected by the heaven. How many people survived the events of Sodom and G.? Sure it does matter where you live.
The appeal to run away from within those sinful nations is a good advice from a well wishing person. If it doesn't resonate with some people their destiny is sealed. But even in the last moment there is still a free will that someone may use to survive. If such words don't make sense, it is pointless to explain why you cannot move.
The false Jews will be replaced by converts, as relevant Rabanim explain nowadays. The saga of Yehudim is a long journey of hope, suffering, struggle, betrayal, culminating in an unprecedented victory. Bat

Rachel said...

Is this more fear mongering, Devorah? How anyone can possibly know what Hashem's plans are for entire communities boggles the mind. I guess we "false Jews" whose fate is sealed and are stuck here, will be replaced. Chas ve'shalom. Ein od milevado. Well meaning people have got to keep their advice to themselves unless it is to teach actual Torah.

Devorah said...

Rachel I agree with you, but I don't like to censor comments, unless they are blatantly full of LH or promoting another religion.

Of course we are not false Jews, but commenters full of passive aggressiveness are not real either, they have no actual concept of the ''well wishing'' they speak of. They say and write to make themselves feel good.

Many in Israel will not see Moshiach either, because they are not worthy.