Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Last Election Before Moshiach?

Israeli election ballot

פקד פקדתי
The words above ''pekod pedoti'' refers to the order of the counting of years.  Rabbi Kessin tells us - in the video blogged yesterday] that the gematria of פקד פקדתי represents the year 5780 - the letters adding up to 780.  He says this is an indication that in 5780 we will stop the counting due to Moshiach's arrival.  [Note this is not a prophecy, it is customary to look for hints in the number of the year.  We hope and pray that Rabbi Kessin's words are indeed a small prophecy]

Rabbi Kessin was asked the question ''will this be the last Israeli election before Moshiach?'' [as predicted by Rabbi Kaduri]

Video: 11 minutes - sound not great, turn up speakers to maximum


yaak said...

פקד פקדתי = 778
If you add the 2 words, it equals 780.

Devorah said...

Thank you, and there I was thinking I was a maths wizard by adding the vavs. Even then I couldn't add up properly. If you add the vavs you get 590 .... I hope it's not another ten years ! Thanks again, I've fixed the spelling now.

Devorah said...

Another version is the first Pekod does have a vav, and this represents the sixth millenium. I think that's what Rabbi Kessin said, but I haven't actually had a chance to listen to the shiur yet.. I'll get there.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand this answer from Rabbi Kessin. Election results aren't final yet, but the PM will be either Bibi or Ganz. Is he saying that if Bibi wins, but then gets indicted, that Saar will take over the PM-ship?

Anyway, it looks like neither party will have a majority. Question is which one will be tasked with forming a coalition.

Devash said...

Here is another speculative prediction for anonymous:

Neither side will get a majority, but Netanyahu, ahead by a few percentage points, will be given the first mandate to form a coalition. Liberman will stick to his guns of not sitting with the Chareidim, so leaving Yisrael Beiteinu out. Ganz will refuse - again - to sit in a unity government with Netanyahu and the Likud rank and file will refuse Ganz' demand to replace him.

STALEMATE. What do you do when all else fails? There will only be one choice left - go to war or schedule a third election.

Trump, possibly in disgust at the turn of events, will not be put off any longer. He will be determined to announce his 'Deal of the Century.'

Stay tuned. The End of Days is the best show on right now. :-)

Devash said...

One thing I am absolutely convinced of is this: however people in Israel voted, no matter which party, the result it brings will be ratzon Hashem and will ultimately bring us Mashiach.

Devorah said...

‘Best show’ is right - buckle up ! Last night I dreamt of a tzadik friend of mine who died many years ago - he came into my house and turned on the lights - very symbolic I thought when I woke up.

Anonymous said...

best show is not necessary a war, right Devash?

Devash said...

leah: "best show is not necessary a war, right Devash?"

Well, Leah, there is already a low-level war in progress. When I say "go to war" I mean all-out war. And while I was speaking in terms of Netanyahu's choice to go to war or call for another election, I expect we'll go to all-out war either way, but instead of Netanyahu starting it, Trump will be pulled into doing it. However, Israel will still get the blame. Either way we get war. That's what is going to bring Mashiach. These are the birthpangs of Mashiach. There is no birth without blood and pain. That's how Olam Hazeh works.

Devash said...

Re: aliyah2020

I also received this, but have decided not to accept it. There is something weird about the wording that just doesn't sound Jewish. It sounds like someone speaking from outside the Jewish community - very much referring to Jews in the third person. And what Jews have ever encouraged aliyah in order to bring "peace" to the world?

"The Torah shows when the Jews return home the world will be so much closer to peace."

I don't know. I could be wrong. Maybe aliyah2020 would care to comment?

Anonymous said...

There is another option besides war or a third election. In fact, the Israeli public was totally annoyed that Bibi called for a second election when he had another option. That is, President Rivlin can transfer the coalition-building task to the next biggest vote-getter if the first one didn't succeed by the deadline.


Unknown said...


The Midrash says for righteous women the decree of blood and pain is removed.

The Rebbe teaches "why is Mashiach compared to Ceasar?":because a cesarean birth is not through natural passage and teaches that Mashiach will come (be born, revealed etc.) above nature. This is reflected that the Halacha is that with every normal birth through the womb, it is impossible that blood is not emitted (like you mentioned) and therefore impurity is imposed. When there is a cesarean birth, there can be no blood emitted so therefore there is purity. Likewise with Mashiach, compared to Ceasar because he will arrive without blood, super-naturally.

Likewise Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught tat Mashiach will come without having to fire one bullet. (Without need of war or doomsday etc.)

As we approach Mashiach, everything becomes spiritual including warfare which is primarily becoming propaganda and wars of ideology.

This will continue until the only wars left are the holy spiritual wars of Torah, the differences of opinion between the Tzaddikim.


Devorah said...

Devash I removed that aliyah2020, I usually don't post comments with links to third party sites I don't know and somehow that one got through. This is what happens when I'm away from the computer and moderate from my phone.

Devash said...

Rachel, I really hope you are right.

Devorah, good policy.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that Rachel - Klal Yisroel has suffered enough bloodshed and violence...we should daven that the war remains spiritual and that all of us will do teshuvah and will hopefully pull through.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11.58PM said... 'Klal Yisroel has suffered enough bloodshed and violence'.

Well a lot of poor and other minorities are being persecuted and killed, and jailed and beaten, too... not only 'klal Yisroel"/

Those non Jews, to hurt and bleed, and that is a fact...

Daven also for