Friday, October 7, 2011

Sydney Storm Chasers: Prepare

Just in time for Sukkot....

Sydney's storm season is about to strike, with a ferocious four months of intense lightning activity predicted.

During Sydney's lightning season peak last year, about 7500 strikes were recorded in November and December.

"The season starts in October and goes through to February........." [love it!]

Show of nature ... lightning strikes over the Tacking Point lighthouse at Port Macquarie / Pic: Nathan Edwards Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Joe said...

Extreme light show with thunder, heavy rain, hail and flash flooding greeted us for Sharcharit Yom Kippur in South East Queensland.
You could literally hear His voice and sense His presence.
Very sobering Yom Kippur..... but uplifting just the same.
The Shofar blast during the concluding Neilah service was riveting.

Devorah said...

I was really jealous Joe..... yo got 3,000 lightning strikes, or something.