Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Wishes

In the Shaar HaKavonos of the Arizal it says that when the Chazzan lingers on the word "Ayei" Mikom Kivodo in Kedusha of Musaf you can have in mind one of three wishes that will be granted. Either you can ask for Ruach HaKodesh, great wealth, or children who are tzaddikim. 

The Arizal cautions that you can only ask for one and not all three so you must choose carefully. Rav Shimshon Pincus gives advice to those who are stumped by the dilemma. First of all he says do not spend you precious request asking for Ruach HaKodesh. Even if you were granted Ruach HaKodesh, since we are not worthy enough it would not settle on us, much like if someone were to pour a gallon of Cola into a 5 ounce cup. It is pointless. 

Children or Money? That is up to you. What did Rav Pincus choose? He used to tell his kids, "Please be good, I gave up a great fortune for you!"

Source: Revach L'Neshama


Anonymous said...

Wow. Who's the artist that put together this picture?

Devorah said...

Unfortunately I don't know, there was no info at the site I got it from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick response.

See, this image physicalizes (probably not a real word) a something that has been an abstract for me since childhood.

It's a "Daddy taught me to say it" (to him) and decades later, HaRav verified it.

Naftali said...

there are many mussafs does it have to be the same wish every time or is this referring to a specific mussaf?

Tali said...

Great story! I was about to decide on Ruach Hakodesh, because then I would know how to raise my kids properly and everything else could fall into place, too...but the rav had the right idea. Absolutely.