Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All beginnings are difficult

Our Sages taught that "all beginnings are difficult" [Mechilta to Shemos 19:5].

Chassidic thought explains that for a person to perform a new type of act which he has never done before, a "channel" needs to be opened allowing the reserves of spiritual potential in his soul to spread through his body.

In a more general sense this applies on a global scale.  A person who commits a spiritually unprecedented act in the world becomes a pioneer who actually makes it possible for others to follow in his footsteps.  He opens a new "channel", breaking down barriers not only for himself, but for his descendants and followers.

Thus, the Akeida was not merely an inspiring historical event from which we can learn.  It actually made an indelible mark on the Jewish personality, enabling Avraham's outstanding subordination to God to be duplicated by any Jewish person who avails himself, or herself, of the challenge.

Based on Likutei Sichos Lubavitcher Rebbe


Anonymous said...

"Masay Avos, siman le'bonim" means in simple terms, that:
"The deeds of The Pathriarchs set a precedent for their children". ie The Jewish People.

Dear Devorah,
I wonder why you thought of bloging this, particularly today?!

Has it got anything to do with the Hebrew date, Yud Alef Cheshvan (11th of Cheshvan), the Yohrzeit of Rachel Imeinu, Mamme Rochel, Our Matriach Rachel?

Rochel's tremendous deed of utter selflessness in handing over the secret signs to her sister Lea, in order to spare her sister embarassment is the direct cause of THE ULTIMATE CONSOLATION of our People as PROMISED TO HER BY HASHEM HIMSELF'!
"Shuvu Bonim Ligvulom"...
Her descendants, the Jewish People will be gathered-in from the four corners of the world to re-settle in The Holy Land. FOREVER...
As it is written inthe Scriptures \
"Shuvu Bonim Ligvulom"...
"Your sons shall return to their (secure and permanent) borders...
May that be NOW!!!

BTW Moshiach will be a direct scion of King David, who, we all know, is from the Tribe of Yehuda.

And Interestingly, YEHUDA was the youngest son of Lea, the older sister of Rochel!

Devorah said...

I blogged it today as a message to someone. Everyone sees something different in the blog posts, depending on their own circumstances.