Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out of Order

Teshuvah has the power to wipe away a person's past deeds, and transform him into a new person.

This is the inner reason why the account of the Second Pesach offering [Beha'alotecha 9:2] - which represents the concept of correcting and compensating for the mistakes of the past - was recorded out of chronological order, because teshuvah has the power to re-arrange a person's life ''out of chronological order'', wiping away his past mistakes.

Based on Likutei Sichos Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Moshe said...

Parashat Behaalotecha
The first verses of Parashat Behaalotecha speak about the Mitsva of the Menorah, the lighting of the candles in the Mishkan, a Misva that was assigned to Aharon. His obligation was to prepare and clean the Menorah and he had the special honor of kindling the Menorah. The kindling of the Menorah was voluntary, the main thing was the preparation.
In the Zohar says that the Menorah was closed to MIZBAH HAKETORET. When they cleaned the Menorah there they brought the KETORET. The purpose of the Menorah is the lights, the lights represent Jewish souls and the job for Kohen to light the Menorah is to elevate souls of klal Israel.
Behaalotecha Hanerot means that even if you have souls that very low, Koen had kavana to elevate those souls and that is the greatness of Aharon. One day a person woke up and felt inspired because of Aharon who had him in mind. So the Mefarshim say, the main thing is to prepare that Keli receives. Once you put the oil in and the wick in that is the hard part to received the Keli, to receive the Kedusha. Everybody can light the Menorah , the Chohma is to prepare it.
Zohar Hakadosh says that a person is like a candle, his body is the vessel, the mitsvot he does is like the oil, and the light over his head is like the Shehina. That is why we call a person -- Nefesh. Nefesh stands for Ner(which Gemara calls vessel), Petila(wick in it), Shemen. Once Aharon set up the Ner he metaken the Jewish Soul.
Then Ketoret was made. The word of Ketoret come from Ketra is a knot. The Ketoret was able to bind Jewish people with Hakadosh Baruhu. So between the Menorah and between the Ketoret, you have the preparation of Klal Israel.
Now, it says Aharon Hakoen himself lit the Menorah, he did not have to, but he did, He was mahmir. When Aharon prepared the nerot , he prepared the foundation of Jewish hearts, when he lit the oil he was able to fill Jewish hearts with mitsvot. His kavana was so pure that he was able to bring the original light of the first day of creation and with this light to turn Jewish people to tsadikim.
Today we don’t have Menorah, but Mefarshim say that every time we read Lamnateyah Binginot Mizmor Shir in a shape of Menora it is like you lit the Menorah. And lighting the Menorah is like lighting the soul.
The Gemara says that person who careful with lighting Shabbat candles will have sons talmidei hahamim. Arizal said that husband should set up candles. Now you understand that the husband is like Kohen Gadol, and kavana is when you put oil in a keli, oil is mitsvot and the keli is children, then wife comes lighting the candles and saying special prayer for children.
Shabbat Shalom.