Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Me?

by Rabbi Aron Moss

Question of the Week:
Does G-d pick on some people? I think he is picking on me because I have suffered one loss after another for much of my life. It seems that as soon as I have survived one tragedy, another one comes crashing down on me. I always bounce back but I am starting to take it personally...

There was once a tow-truck driver who lived near a muddy old country road. Every day he would jump into his truck and drive a mile or so to a particularly sludgy bend in the road, and every day his truck would get stuck in the mud. But it was a trusty old truck, and its chunky tires and growling engine would always be able to beat the mud and climb up onto solid ground.

Most days, as he drove along he would encounter other motorists who had unknowingly ventured onto the muddy road and got stuck in the bog. Some of them had been trapped there for hours, haplessly revving their engines and watching their wheels spin aimlessly in the muck. The truck driver would appear like a savior and offer them a tow, drag them out and set them back on the road.

The truck driver's son once asked him, "Why do you always drive down this muddy road. You always get stuck in it. Why don't you take your truck somewhere smoother, where the road is clear and dry?"

"That's the whole point," said the truckie to his son. "My tow-truck has the power to get through that mud. The only reason I pass by there every day is to find others who are stuck and can't get out themselves. That's what a tow truck is for."

Some souls are like tow-trucks. They somehow have the strength to burst through the thickest and muddiest roads of life. No matter what life throws at these people, they muster the inner fortitude to get through. And so they keep getting thrown into the abyss, over and over again.

What these souls probably don't even realize is that they are helping others. When you face a tough time and beat it, you bring light into that dark place, which can shine a path for others who are stuck in their own darkness. It could even be that the only reason you had to pass through that dark roadway is to help drag other souls out of their darkness.

Sometimes we help others directly, by sharing our experiences and teaching a new way to those who can't see a way out. Or it may happen indirectly. The mere fact that you went through it and survived blazes a pathway, opens a door, and other suffering souls whom you may never meet suddenly find a way out of their quagmire and are set free.

So perhaps you are a tow-truck soul. Perhaps sometimes you are being towed. We all experience both. But if we would realize that every time we conquer our own darkness we may be helping someone who can't help themselves, we would be inspired to keep on trucking.


Serpil said...

I like to think that before G-D sends each soul to earth, He shows the "test questions" in advance and allows each soul to choose which question he'll take when he starts his life down here. Only very very special souls (like the Israeli mother who lost her five kids and husband in the fire in her apartment or the other Jewish mom who lost her two sons and husband to terrorist attack in France) agree taking on especially hard questions.

But, I have no proof of it, it's just my wild fantasy...

Anonymous said...

No Serpil.
It doesn't work that way.
But it's interesting, the way you see it.

Channa said...

This post was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you!
(I'm sitting shiva for my mother, may her memory be for a blessing.)

Anonymous said...

This is a nice and sweet answer but is it true? O Is it reality? Its nice to think god is looking over us and not giving us more than we can handle and that all our suffering is for a reason like to help others, but lets be honest its not true. The world is full of so much unfair shiz