Friday, July 13, 2012

From the Source

Our sages tell us that citing Torah sources brings redemption to the world [M. Avot 6:6 and parallels]. They add that not citing sources is a cause of bringing a curse on the world. In one place, they go further, suggesting that people who refrain from mentioning sources effectively kill, as they act as if the person from who they received the teaching does not exist. Moreover, the Talmud tells that people who say halachic matters in the name of the original source, should imagine the person who authored the teaching standing before them as they share the teaching [Y. Kiddushin 61a]



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful lesson to always cite the source of teachings.

It would be nice if all blogs would conform to this.

And may we all also do so in our private lives.

All the best,

Genoism said...

Glad your back...when the blog was closed I thought i was banned from viewing it or something ><

Joe said...

Todah raba Devorah and hope your trip went well.

This valuable lesson I first learned when studying the Talmud where consistently stated that Rabbi such and such said in the "name" of Rabbi such and such. Meaning that the first Rabbi was now expounding the "teaching" of in most instances of his Rav.

Taken to the nth degree, when Mashiach arrives all will be saying "Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai"- Blessed is he who comes in the "Name' ie teaching and expounding the Torah of His Master, HaKadosh Baruchu.

Shabbat Shalom

Devorah said...

I banned myself from my own blog :)

Yishai said...

Wow - neat. An interesting connection: In the Ge'ulah the Goyim will call us by H's Name. So maybe the reward for giving credit is to be attached to that teacher?