Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Special Prayer for Salvation

Either buy the book [see link below] or print this out, and use as often as necessary.  Hebrew text can be found in the book.  

A Plea to Open the Gates of Mercy

Open for me the Gates of Mercy, the Gates of Heaven.
The Eternal is King; the Eternal was King; the Eternal will be King forever.
We bend our knees, bow, and declare before the Supreme King of kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, that it is He Who spreads out the Heavens and establishes the earth.
For the Eternal alone is God, in Heaven above and on earth below; there is no other.
Please take my soul out of prison, for I have awaited Your salvation.
Eternal, Eternal, lad me in Your righteousness, because my enemies are waiting for me; straighten Your way before me.
The Eternal will protect my going and coming for life and peace from now and forever.

Source: ANENI: Special Prayers for Special Occasions


Anonymous said...

blessings devorah, i do have the aneni prayer book. my son bought it for me from the gold gift shop in victoria. this prayer you placed in your blog, under which title does it come. i cant find it .

Devorah said...

p.31 A Plea to Open the Gates of Mercy

Anonymous said...

devorah, my page 31 is a supplication for guarding one's tongue by chofetz chaim. my aneni book is the second edition, and it is written on page 3, 'the second edition has been thoroughly researched and revised by a tem of torah scholars. in the process, some prayers have been added, such as those dealing with health or related to different stages of pregnancy, and matters of halachah have been explained where necessary. Fieldham publishers. there is no prayer in mine titled, a plea to open the gates of mercy.

Devorah said...

Mine is about six years old, obviously a different version.