Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fall of the King of the East [Damascus] - Torah Codes

This is the sign [that the redemption is imminent]: When you see the fall of the King of the East in Damascus, the Eastern Kingdom will fall, and then the Jews will experience salvation, and Moshiach Ben David will arrive, and they [the Jews] will ascend to Jerusalem and enjoy it, as it says [in Tehillim 37:11] But the humble will inherit the land and delight themselves with the abundant peace. May G-d have mercy on us and send us the redeemer speedily in our days, Amen.
[as related to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai by an angel, while he was hiding in the cave]

New video: Moshiach, Damascus will fall


Leah said...

Thank you for psoting this, Devorah. I always appreciate Rabbi Glazerson videos, especially since I have been keeping a very close eye on what is hapening in Syria and it's relation to the Geulah.
The only thing that gets me down? is the teshuvah part and the shomer shabbos part. I forget: Is it on the merit of all Jews ding teshuvah and keeping shabbos? I remember hearing that many whom do not keep these mitzvos are tinook shenishba (literally like one who is from the womb and is not taught and is like like a kidnapped/or unknowledgeable person and therefore is not necessarily be held responsible to the fullest for a lack of keeping these mitzvos. The jews who "know better" the geulah ismore dependent on them.
It has been some time since I have read/seen any info on this. Do you have any info on this?
Thanks again.

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

all jews will see geulah because this is last beitah

Leah said...

I guess what I am asking is when I constantly see codes that are great and inspiring, they always say to do teshuvah. So, is the reason why we are not seeing geuah yet because we "all" must keep shabbos and do teshuvah? Or, is the geulah coming dependent on those who know better? I understand that all Jews will see the geulah, yet is that initial spark/last bit dependent on all jews starting it?

Devorah said...

Most Jews don't even know what teshuva means! I'm with you Leah, I have no idea at all.

Jesterhead45 said...

I am also interested in knowing what the absolute barest minimum standard of teshuvah is as well as whether it applies to all Jews or merely to a certain percentage of Jews.

People who regularly visit the many sites throughout the Moshiach Blogosphere over the years will know that various people have given different answers from:

- Developing a relationship with G-d via Personal Prayer as well as having absolute faith and trust in him that everything he does is ultimately for the best

- To learning Torah / Kabbalah / Zohar (that is equated to the Tree of Life)

- To keeping Shabbat

- To merely being simple / tam

- To persecuting ourselves by donning sackcloth and ashes before remembering every real or perceived transgression we did since birth

- To getting back to nature and developing our minds via meditation / Devekut

- Making Aliya regardless of whether we are able to or not as well as whether we have a plan or not when it comes to making a living in Israel

- To ridding ourselves from universal Western / non-Jewish influances and embracing a single non-existent monolithic form of Jewish culture in spite of the fact that Jews have been influanced by various non-Jewish cultures throughout history and as a result (depending on where they resided) possess many unique customs despite our many commonalities.

- To possessing common decency towards our fellow Jews and embracing baseless love (expect for those beyond the pale who willingly ally with our enemies)

And so on.

Does basic teshuvah entail that all Jews (even intermarried, secular, atheists, etc) must be at least traditional for the Redemption to come or full-on Ultra-Orthodox despite the latter being dividing into various infighting sects with each having their own customs, leaders or competing claims to the truth?

devora said...

Jesterhead, with all due respect why the barest minimum standard? If you think about teshuvah as the question of what can I do to reconnect/connect, heal the link between myself and Hashem, myself to myself (personal midot work), myself to am Yisrael (which all of the above categories fall under on some level), you will realize that there is always work to be done until you are at a lever of being a Tzaddik. The most important thing is starting where you are at and continuing to move forward. If everyone truly focuses on these 3 that I listed above... the secular/athiests, on connecting to Hashem, and perhaps some "Ultra-Orthodox" who are causing division in Am Yisrael on their connection to the nation... we will all be much closer to the ideal state of geulah....Devora (Stifled Prophetess Blog). I am happy to continue my thoughts on this with you..

devora said...

Another thought: How one "looks" from the outside is not the point. The point is that one is constantly moving forward in all of these three areas. Yes if you are doing this properly you should come out "Looking Orthodox" as this process is guided by Torah standards, but what type of kippa is irrelevant for sure! Devora (Stifled prophetess)

Jesterhead45 said...

Devora (Stifled prophetess)

I agree that each of us can always improve on our relationship to Hashem, along with improving our personal midot and our relationship towards our fellow Jew.

I brought up the barest minimum standard since some on the "Doom & Gloom" Gevurah-leaning part of the Moshiach Blogosphere seem to themselves believe that in order for a Jew to survive and merit seeing the Geulah, one must be at a certain standard that only a few Jews have reached despite the average Jew's best efforts in improving oneself as well as the fact that there is apparently an end date where an individual will be unable to make teshuvah (heaven forbid).

With you on sincerity being the main thing when one is constantly moving forward in all of these three areas instead of looking the part, though some are even divided on “Looking Orthodox” as they would like to abandon modern-day western-influenced Orthodox clothing under the rationale that we Jews should return to the ways of our Israelite forefathers, a sentiment that I myself am somewhat sympathetic to being of Mizrachi background and all.

Anonymous said...


Shalom, I just want to add that Rabbi Mizrachi has a whole series on repentance for those who are interested. It is on the right side of his home page. Also Devorah has posted the way to find your purpose of life. As we should know, we are here again because we failed in another life. Jews believe in reincarnation. Find your Jewish birthday. Look to see what your Torah portion is for that week. Then look to see what day of the week you are born. Then go to search
Parsha with Rashi and print out or read the aliyah for the day you were born. Example: If you were born on Sunday, that is the 1st aliyah. Shabbat is the 7th aliyah. Read what it says and find out what you have to do to in this world.

Moriah said...

Anonymous: How do we interpret this aliyah into a mission? My Parsha is Mikeitz (third aliyot). Here is an overview:

Third Aliyah: Pharaoh appointed Joseph as viceroy of Egypt, and placed him in charge of the impending food collection operation. Thirty-year-old Joseph was placed second-in command of the Egyptian empire, accountable to no one but Pharaoh himself. Indeed, the seven years of plenty arrived as foretold by Joseph, and Joseph skillfully oversaw the collection of the surplus grain. Joseph married Osnat, the daughter of Poti-phera, and she bore him two sons: Manasseh and Ephraim.

Am I supposed to start a food kitchen?

Jesterhead45 said...

To Anonymous: Like Moriah, I too find it difficult to interpret my life purpose via the weekly Parshat since the overview of my Torah portion (Parshat Bo: First Aliyah)reads as follows:

First Aliyah: Plague Eight: At G‑d's behest, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and delivered a warning: "How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me? Let My people go so that they can worship me!" They informed Pharaoh that if he does not allow the Israelites to go, Egypt will be attacked by a plague of locust. After Moses and Aaron left, Pharaoh's servants begged him to allow the Israelites to leave. "Don't you yet know that Egypt is lost?" they argued. Pharaoh called back Moses and Aaron and offered to allow the Israelites to leave—provided that they leave behind their children as security. Moses and Aaron refused the offer, and Pharaoh stubbornly refused to allow the Israelites to go.

Moriah said...

This could be a new category of life counseling and parnasah for someone who knows how to interpret the parsha and apply it/make it relevant to the Jew inquiring.

devora said...

Jesterhead- in continuation... It seems to me that no one (perhaps a few tzaddikim out there)really knows Hashem's calculations with regards to peoples status at the end of days. Because there is such contradiction among various sources....Chabad if I am not mistaken says all Jews will be brought back, other sources mention the parellel to the 2/3 etc that died in I don't think we really know. I think we should look at what we do know and put our energy into that. We know that the world is being brought to a place where there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Ein Od Milvado...that full Knowledge of Hashem's governance and will in the world through his holy torah is where we are heading. Whoever is not living in alignment with this truth will have to get there either now ...or later if it is still an option... beezrat Hashem, im yirtzeh Hashem it will be....and we don't know how this will come down. With all the "doom and gloom gevurah leaning lines you are refrering too"... I just see it as the difference between Teshuvah meahavah and teshuvah meyirah. Sure it would be best if all came to Hashem through pure love and a pure desire to get close to him. Teshuvah is a beautiful gift.... (See Rav Kook on Penintence, there are many chapters devoted to this)...unfortunately for the world that has not woken up to the Truth of the purpose of Creation..... words of warning come out like a harsh loving father. I agree that these words will not necessarily turn ones heart towards Teshuvah if it is not there and might actually turn one away. I feel that the essence of all they are saying is true (in my head I am referring to the autistics right now) In terms of practical advice I think all of the above suggestions you listed initially hold a place in the Teshuvah process...for me a constant examination of my ways with constant hitbodedut, daily chesbon ha nefesh...working on daily forgiveness, plus learning torah daily, tehillim, and davening daily, etc.... keep me moving forward...Please G-d may we all continue to move forward in our Tehshuva with Hashem's guidance to the most direct healing path for our neshamot.. Devora (Stifled Profetess blog)

Anonymous said...


To Moriah and Jesterhead. I noticed that you did not say you read the Rashi only the Torah portion. Please read the Rashi. For me, it was glaring and I made it very important in my life. It is my sincere desire that you find your purpose in life. All the best!

Naftali said...

חלב = חיב לחזור בתשובה
The siege in Syria has reached Aleppo(חלב) could be H*shem's way of saying it's time to do Teshuvah חלב is Roshei Tevot חיב לחזור בתשובה,7340,L-4260159,00.html

Howard said...


Interesting point.
Some say four fifths of us died in Egypt.

None of us know exactly how this will unfold, because this Redemption will be final unlike the previous one.

Moriah said...

I know in my rational mind/self that now is time to do t'shuva as I have much to do t'shuva for but something in me like concrete is resisting. It's crazy. It is fighting me and while as I see Tisha B'Av coming closer and closer..

Leah said...

Moriah, I hear you. I am speaking to Hashem more and more and asking for forgivness and being more specific and really trying to do better in specific areas. Those areas for me are being better with being a friend to those who get me upset with their behavior. I somehow have felt justified in kvetching about them. I do so anonymously, yet I amtrying now to really just be a chaver tov and to assist them and not to take things personally. I speak up in a firm yet loving way when I need to to them. I don't know what is your particular area that tests you, yet maybe try working on a area in your life that you may feel needs working on and do so in this merit- the teshuvah aspects. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

May I be allowed to say how I feel.
I find this blog and through this blog other blogs so inspiring. I am Noahide. Sometimes I feel I am on the right path, then without me even knowing, I get angry, and horrid words and thoughts come out of my mouth. I feel like the most horrid and evil human being. I find it hard to believe in myself, I just do not feel like trusting me again. I fail myself. How can I be a help to my family. I feel like a hypocrite. Tell me, because I am Goya, Hashem will not mind ? I feel like He hates me.
Coming on to these blogs, which I find so Holy and blessed, I feel like a crawling worm entering a place so full of Great teachings, that I feel I am contaminating these sites.
What shall I do. And please forgive me, I cannot go to Noahides as I do not find fulfillment there, neither am I writing this to get a pat on my back, and to hear someone say, its normal. Its not normal. I need guidance, anyone here please show me, what to do.
At these times we are in, I am feeling so desparate to please Hashem, yet I keep slipping down down down.


devora said...

Anonymous Noahide, blessing you with courage to continue to look and examine what is coming forth. This is true "teshuva", really looking carefully at ones actions, returning to ones pure soul which is always bright and returning to G-d. The Jewish teaching is that G-d never "hates" anyone! Yes people are held accountable for their actions, but they can always start anew every moment. Just identifying that you are slipping is showing that you are aware and conscious. We all get ruled by our lower, animalistic parts of our souls until we work on refining them more and more. Some wonderful healing work (not specifically Jewish) but covers the themes of "teshuva" (return to one's self and returning to Source. The practice is true healing work where underneath ones emotional layers one can access the expeience of their true soul, and self forgiveness. It is called the Journey. Increadibly powerful work that could really support your process Otherwise I would suggest journaling and talking to Hashem daily... and really learning to listen withiun... blessings Devora (stifled prophetess blog)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Devorah, I do speak to Hashem, but when I have 'slipped', I tend to hide away.
I will go to the site you have recommened and will take it from there.
In the meantime thanks for your help and thanks to this site, and others.
May the Nation of Israel see the joyous return of Mashiach this year, so all the world can be at peace. Amain.

Anonymous said...

Hello Devora from shiratdevorah.
Thanks for this blog. It is a real life saver.
And it helps us plenty to cleanse the soul!
As I am not familiar with how to write on blogs,
so please bear with me...
I read (most of) the above replies.
They are all written with great sensitivity, depth and
a commitment to be THE BEST that they can be!

I was rather moved by anonymous (the one b/4 the last reply by the other Devora).

Please, our sister cs, is your name "Stella, by any chance?
If yes, (and also if no), let me make a simple suggestion.
Do take the EASIEST way...
That way, at the very least, you can feel free to begin.
Why don't you start by loving yourself?
Even if you feel that you are always failing.
ALL human beings were created in the Tzelem Elokim, in the image of Hashem, starting
with the very first MAN (human-being), ADAM.

Second, if your name IS Stella (Star).
DO see the shining 'star' in yourself.
If you see that you are falling or see any negativity, know too, that it's a
POSITIVE SIGN from Hashem, G-d, that it's now THE PERFECT TIME to PICK YOURSELF UP and go DO a Mitzva, a good deed.
In Judaism it is the ACTION, the PRACTICAL deed that is MOST IMPORTANT thing.
As the saying goes: A thousand groans won't achieve anything that ONE SINGLE ACTION will!!!

Also,there is no greater joy for the Yetzer HoRa (Satan) than to see a person UNHAPPY.
Don't even think about it - it's a TOTAL WASTE OF PRECIOUS TIME/LIFE.
Instead, say: G'bye Charlie! Today G-d has has granted me LIFE.

Dear sc, remember that:

Every difficulty is but a CHALLENGE.

Believe in yourself. G-d sure does!

And that is why He put you on this planet Earth!!!

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

check out this new post
\Urgent Update:: Aleppo brace for 'mother of all battles'

Syrian troops are preparing to launch an all-out offensive on rebel-held districts across Aleppo as pro-regime media warns of a looming "mother of all battles".
Fighting raged in parts of Syria's most populous city through the night and into Thursday, but one security source says the main offensive is still to come.
"The special forces were deployed on Wednesday and Thursday on the edges of the city, and more troops have arrived to take part in a generalised counter-offensive on Friday or Saturday," he said.
Rebel fighters have brought in their own reinforcements, with the source estimating that between 1,500 and 2,000 opposition fighters had arrived from outside Syria's largest city to reinforce some 2,000 already fighting in Aleppo.
"They are mainly present in the southern and eastern suburbs of the city, mainly Salaheddin and nearby districts," he said.
The airport is currently cut off from the city, as four of the five roads leading to it are under rebel control, he added.
Rebels also say a regime assault appears imminent.

It looks as if Bashar has captured all of Damascus, and will recapture all of Aleppo. He's going but not gone, and we may have to accustom ourselves to the thought that he may be there for quite a while yet.
The Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk

"The army's reinforcements have arrived in Aleppo," Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, a spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Aleppo, said.
SYRIA EXPECTING ‘BLOODY’ FEW WEEKS. Assad seeks to end insurgency by October

Moriah said...

Thank you Leah. It's good advice.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Devprah, Wish I could email you directly, since that is not possible, I want to say, I went to the journey .com and heard Brandon Bays story, and then when she quoted Deepak Chopora, inwardly I backed away. I can only go by any Jewish enlightment. I know you are trying to help, and may Hashem bless you, but I cannot bring myself to listern to anyone who does not believe only in Hashem
Thanks anyway.

Hashem bless you and yours.
stella c.

Anonymous said...

devora: Do you recommend the Journey process for Jews? Is it at all in conflict to what we do as observant Jews? I watched the video and it seems amazing. It sounds as if she is referencing certain body processes to what we call the yetzer hara and the G-dly soul. Really incredible about her recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annonymous, who wrote to me,sc. Stella, your words brought tears to my eyes. who ever you are, where ever you are, may Hashem bless you with Shalom and whatever else you need. You see, what I mean about these blog sites? You are all for me my guardian angels, you are Jews who are lighting the path ways of people like me who are striving to just follow Hashem. My heart overflows with love for Am Israel and the Chosen people.

Both the Devorah's are special, you are both something Hashem has plannted for the special thing going on -on thse blogs. I am so touched, yes, I feel ready to stand again and go with renewed strength, that you dear annonymous and the 2 Devorahs, and all the rest, my prayer which I pray for you all from the bottem of my heart is that the Mashiach comes already, Amain. Thanks for the sites, without me finding them, I would be so lost. Love you all, Hashem bless you all.
A Peaceful Shabbat Shalom to each and all of you and Am Israel, and and to all who visit these blessed blogs.
With love to each and all.

stella c

devora said...

Dear Stella and anonymous (anonymous beautiful response!) With regards to the Journey process I also do not engage in any spiritual practices from other traditions, even chi-gong,yoga etc I stopped a while back as I wanted their source to be pure from Hashem and not mixed with tumaha as well. I had come to doing inner work on my own very similar to the Journey process before I discovered it. There are Jewish books, one written by a Rebbetzin in the Old City of Jerusalem, The Inner Torah Series, Miriam Millhauser for example who has developed a healing practice for going inward and discovering one's essence (She has 3 books, very beautiful on the topic) for the most practical accessible way to really use the tools the Journey is just very hands on, and cheaper than taking Miriams phone course which does not happen often. As far as Jew's utilizing the Journey....the Biale Rebbe (A big Chassidic Rebbe here in Jerusalem) gave a blessing to my teachers of it, 1 who is Chardal, the other go to her conferences and draw on the material without needing to connect to her and her source. There was just a conference of all Jewish religious people in Israel where she is filmed talking to a Litvak wearing black and white. Also Rav Fenger, a Charedi Rav who teaches a beginning healing course to the public quoted in his intro all Jewish religious text sources...and Brandon Bayes..and even took one of her exercises to use with the group. Yes, at the top she is connected to some Indian hindu my teachers decided to do their own course completely...which I am the most comfortable with. We had our first session, all Charedi women, and it was amazing. I have been using it on women in practice and the most beautiful thing is that everyone tunes into their G-dly Neshama and the wisdom that comes from that place always brings me to tears as it is always from a place of Hashem's Truth. The second part of it is Major Tikkun (healing) and Teshuvah(forgiveness, returning to one;s self- retruning to G-d) work. You visualize a campfire where you invite all of those from the past that you need to talk to and do healing work with each one. You can also draw on your inner wisdom here (asking for advice from a guide (my teachers say a Tzaddik)...In my work I also incorporate if there is something one needs to say to Hashem. My teachers have also re scripted the opening language of the journey process a little to reflect the Jewish soul 100%, though they really made few changes as the process is universal. The amazing thing about the whole process is that Jew- Non/Jew, it does not matter, everyone gets connected to Hashem (Source she says) at the bottom of their healing layers...showing the Truth that under everything in the universe is Hashem. I am happy to send you a copy of the opening script they used. I am happy for you to e-mail me with questions directly if you want I am also thinking to start putting up some healing info from my various texts, and thoughts on my blog during elul to really support others in this process. Thanks Devora for your blog, so that Am Yisrael can have this forum. Blessings to all!! Devora

Genoism said...

Ok to all those people who think that you can just read your parsha and know what your purpose is....are wrong. Simply because, they do not know you. EVERY person has a unique mission. There are two things that you need to do to find your purpose in life.
1. Constantly pray to Hashem to make it obvious to you on what your mission in life is.
2. Whatever is the hardest thing for you regarding living the life of mitzvos, is part of your purpose in life. If you are a thief and you find it the most difficult thing in the world to not steal, that at this point in your life, is your mission, to clean away that part of yourself. When you clean that out, you introspect again, what is the hardest thing for me to do....and so on.

Do not ask people what your purpose in, they are not Hashem, they are not you. No one will have the same purpose(or at least it is extremely unlikely).

Also, Devorah...i hate the are you human checking thing for each post, being color blind definitely makes it a challenge every post!

Devorah said...

Sorry Geno..... without that robot-check I receive hundreds of spam adverts in the guise of comments and it gets too much too handle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Both you Devorahs, you are both wonderful beings.

Devorah, I will email you after this period of mourning.

Hashem bless you all
Stella c.