Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Rebbe Nachman Miracle in Our Days

This is a true story, involving some friends of mine, and it's happening right now.  [told with the permission of the couple]

Last Rosh Hashanah, Lizzi travelled to Uman to pray at the kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, to help her find her beshert [loosely translated as soul mate].  Lizzi knew the time was right, and she also knew she needed some help from Shamayim.  Lizzi prayed very hard that Rosh Hashanah, and then travelled back to Israel.

A few weeks later, Lizzi's aunt Sonni who lives in the UK, had a dream.  In the dream she saw her niece Lizzi, standing under a chuppah.  She also recognised the choson [groom] - he was the son of her friend Susie, who lives in Melbourne Australia.

Sonny rang Susie to tell her about the dream.  Susie immediately relayed this incredible dream to her son Moishe, who was a bit skeptical, but eventually agreed to ''meet'' Lizzi on Facebook.

Lizzi and Moishe became Facebook Friends, and almost instantly they knew they had met their perfect match.

After only a couple of weeks, Moishe got on a plane and flew to Israel, met Lizzi, and within a few days they were engaged.  

Im yirtze Hashem, they will be married next week, in Israel.

Wedding photos will be posted then.    

This is why people go to pray at the graves of tzadikim.   

Lizzi lighting candles for Rebbe Nachman, as she does every night


Avi said...

Insightful and inspirational story. That is why we should protect any kever of relevant people in Judaism, prophets, patriarchs, gaons, etc.

Neshama said...

How beautiful. I'd like to see the chuppah and chosson and kallah.

Sari said...

Mazal tov! That's a beautiful story!

Anonymous said...

If only it was that easy for every young person trying to find their beshert!


Dassie said...

Beautiful! Mazal tov and thank you so much for sharing.
I'm passing this on.

Devorah said...

It appears ''easy'' but in reality they both had many years of yearning and praying.

Anonymous said...

My family also had similar story regarding my mother. We went together with my mother to Rabbi Nahman and i told her to pray there for something she really want to happen and she was saying Tekun Haklali very seriously.To make a story short, she has a sister who immigrated to Israel almost 20 years ago and my mother lost a contact with her. So in two weeks, after we visited Rabi Nahman, my mother received a letter from some organization in Israel, that her sister trying to find her for many years and she is waiting that my mother would contact her. Nissim ve Niflaot


moshiachnow said...

Someone sent me this (You might want to verify it)
2) From Chana Burston, this happened to her sister today:

So Estie walks into office Depot to send the fax to the ohel and the African American worker at the copy center looks at Estie and says I got a good feeling when I saw you walk into the store... Estie gets a bit creeped out but then she says I would like to send a fax (the letter is in Hebrew) and he starts saying I can tell you are Jewish and says how much he loves Jewish people and he wishes he was Jewish. He went on to say that there's a big rabbi in NY he faxed letters to when his daughter was told she wasn't going to walk out the hospital with a brain tumor five years ago. The blessings worked and she's now in college, has a job etc.. He then says to Estie wouldn't it be intersting if you are sending your fax to the same place I do. Estie is floored as she never even told him where/who she was sending her letter to. He says to Estie don't show me your number I'll show you mine first. He pulls out his phone and the ohel # is on speed dial! So Estie told him our story and he gives Estie a whole speech..1.You are the chosen people of course your G-d will take care of your just need to demand it like Moses demanded things of G-d. 2. You have the Rebbe and the "oil" to send your letters and requests to. 3. Have faith! Don't let me have more faith than you.. He than reiterated how he wishes he was born Jewish and Chosen and guaranteed that G-d and the Rebbe will give Mendy a full recovery... (forwarded to me from someone From: Channa Hecht
Date: Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 2:26 PM
Subject: Must Read! Rebbe Stories From Here & Now!! The Rebbe Is With Us & Leading Us To The Geula Now BezH!)

Avi said...

The successful love story proves how powerful could be the keverim of tzaddikim. An enhanced value of the story is to apply the method to even greater situations such as the protection of Am Yisrael all over the world. People who can afford financially should travel to the keverim of tzaddikim, particularly in Eastern Europe where there are many such tombs. That project will make Eastern Europe a powerful friend of Yisrael now that we know America as a traitor. There are important keverim in Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, etc.
But the priority for Yisrael would be to protect the keverim of tzaddikim in Yisrael proper. Any contact of Yishmael with such keverim makes Yisrael weaker. And when Yisrael will manage to drive out Yishmael from The Temple Mount, she becomes invincible.

Avi said...

But still the most powerful thing of Yishmael is the Kaaba stone from Mecca. As long as that stone exists Yishmael cannot be defeated. Although not a kever per se, the Kaaba is the location of a powerful energy called Illaha. Its worship has allowed the growth of Yishmael from a tiny tribe in Saudi Arabia to a mighty world power today.

Dassie said...

Please tell them thank you so much for allowing you to share their story as it is happening and also for revealing their identities. It is rare and precious to find a story like this that is so current and with such details, and it is very inspiring.

Real Breslov said...

This is a great story, but it shouldn't come as a surprise! Relevant to the topic:

Anonymous said...

It is not rare to find such an inspiring story. There are miracles that happen every day for people who visit the kevarim of tzaddikim, especially Rebbe Nachman. Go out and look for the stories and you will find plenty in our days!