Monday, December 21, 2015

Yaakov's Secret

Art by Alec Levin

In Parshas Vayechi, Rashi explains that Yaakov wished to reveal to his sons when the end of Israel's exile would finally take place (ha'keitz), but the prophetic vision was closed off from him.

Rabbeinu Bachye elaborated on Rashi's words: Yaakov observed that the letters ח and ט do not appear in any of the brother's names. These are the two main letters of the word חט- sin. Yaakov took the fact that the brothers' names did not contain this word as an indication that they were clean of sin and worthy of being told when the future redemption would occur.

But then Yaakov noticed that the letters ק and ץ, which together spell the word קץ (keitz - the end of the exiles) also do not appear in their names. At that point Yaakov thought that perhaps his sons were not worthy of knowing this secret after all.

Because of his hesitation, Yaakov kept the secret closed and did not reveal the information to his sons.

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

Surely, if Yaakov would have indeed revealed the time of Moshiach's coming to his children they would have been totally devastated to hear that they had so long to wait.

When Yaakov's sons would hear that Moshiach was not scheduled to come for a long time, they would have realized that some considerable additional effort was needed to bring him sooner - as the Talmud states that through additional merit the Redemption comes earlier  [Sanhedrin 98a].  

Thus, Yaakov hoped that by revealing that ''the End of Days'' was a long way off it would motivate his children to add substantially in Divine Service, so as to bring Moshiach sooner.

Nevertheless, despite his good intentions ''the Shechinah departed from him'' and Yaakov found himself unable to reveal the ''End of Days''.  For, ultimately, God wants us to bring Moshiach through our own efforts, and not through the assistance of ''revelations'' from above.

Source: Based on Likutei Sichos Lubavitcher Rebbe vol 20 pp228


Avi said...

The importance of Shekhinah is paramount. The level of Shekhinah upon humanity is very low today. That is why Mashiach isn't recognized anywhere in the world, although he walks amoung people and is seen by many.
Mashiach's generation has the face of a dog, i.e. the level of human consciousness is low. Consider also the reincarnation of all the souls that were in Guf, to be present in the Last Days, for their judgement, and we have the picture of humanity at present. The inclination towards evil is now stronger than ever.
Even people having knowledge of Kabbalah are unable to discover who is the Mashiach using his personal name. Although they make calculations, use Gematria and deep inspiration, the results are so unusual that any conclusion appears impossible to be real. Even the few big Rabbis make general statements.
Is that normal? Of course. The world is so crooked nowadays that Mashiach's existence walking on earth couldn't be revealed until the appointed time. We come with generalities, but nothing more precise. As Shekhinah descends gradually we can envisage more and more.
This is the generation Yaakov and Daniel Hanavi knew about, but were unable to reveal. The Jewish renewal is the world renewal, Hashem's project is very well constructed.
Allow Shekhinah to pervade your mind and your soul will be saved. Follow Torah of Moshe and expect to know and live by the Torah of Mashiach one day.

annie said...

So satisfying to study Torah...even more so as a gentile... we have never heard most of these teachings ever, in our lives... Baruch HaShem Truth is still in tact, and being revealed more and more.... for His Great Name's Sake...