Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Historic Flooding in the UK

Parts of the United Kingdom have been inundated with floods, and the rain continues to fall. The cities of York and Leeds have been brought to their knees, in what the leader of one local authority described as “a catastrophe waiting to happen”.




Brythonic said...

Google 'York Massacre Jews' and it all becomes clear. HaShem hasn't forgotten what happened in 1190.

Anonymous said...

Brythonic - Well now, that's some 825 years ago. Are you intimating that today's indigenous population are still being held accountable for the sins of York citizens of yesteryear?

Anon UK

Anonymous said...

G-d punishes in His own time not in our time. There has been so much Jewish blood shed in Europe. Have you ever read the prayer Ab HaRachamim? Or Isaiah 34? Jewish blood has drenched the soil of Europe. And now they are negotiating our suicide. Esav hates Yaakov. They know there will never be peace. Did you ever wonder why Muslims are pouring into Europe? It's mida kneged mida. Econic immigrants poured into Israel when Jews returned and there were jobs to be had. Now the Palestinians are calling the shots and slaughtering Jews in the streets. Whatever happens to Israel happens to the nations. We are witnessing Hashem's retribution all over the world- through human action and through nature.


Anonymous said...

Why not? A thousand years in G-DS eyes...I'm sure that we all can be paying for a mistake made even longer than that, or reaping the rewards of a simple kindness done by an ancestor of ours thousands of years ago!

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, but spiritual standards and understanding of what is crime and just punishment has changed since those ancient days. Besides, the floods hit several other areas of Great Britain, not just York. How do we know it is middah keneged middah (measure for measure)? Could be another 'proof' of effects of global warming, etc.

Anon UK

Unknown said...

They killed 10 million in Europe not 6 million.
They are now being cursed with the children of Ishmael
They rape steal and kill. Accept it the Jews invented created and blessed which one is better.