Thursday, December 17, 2015

The State of the World and ''Loshon Hara''

A new shiur from Rabbi Mizrachi


Neshama said...

A while ago you wrote a post about how one end time sign is when the fish die. Well LemonLime (link on your page) has an update: "The west coast of the US is being hit very hard. There are practically no fish left. Sea Lions are very underweight and starving. These are signs of end times."

"NOAA Fisheries Reports:
'Three-month old pups of both species are still dependent on their mother’s milk for nutrition. The poor condition of pups means that their mothers are not finding sufficient prey near the rookery to produce enough milk to support pup growth. The core prey species include Pacific sardine, northern anchovy, Pacific hake, rockfish, and market squid. The lack of prey near the rookery is linked to the anomalous ocean conditions persisting along the California coast for more than a year.'"

Its so sad about the fishies.

Devorah said...

Yes, it's happening - slowly but surely, no fish. For the quote from Sanhedrin 98a click here

Unknown said...

bless the rav