Sunday, December 20, 2015

Australia's Prime Minister - A True Friend

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a true friend of the Jewish people, and of Israel.  In this just-released video, you can see his visit to The Central Synagogue in Sydney in honour of Chanukah.


Anonymous said...

Good on ya mate !!!!......but we have a long way to go "Down Under" to make things "Up Over"....and not for the sake of political correctness but for Emet!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Australian PM seems to be a very good friend of Eretz Israel. Hashem bless him.

There are also a lot of just simple ordinary folks, noahides and such, who also love Hashem, and Jewish People.
May we see soon Mashiach to come and truly shed the light of Hashem to the whole wide world.
Am Israel Chai!!