Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nibiru - ''You Will Lift Up Your Eyes To the Sky''

All of the words and phrases listed below have been found encoded in close proximity in the Torah Codes: 

Threat of the comet - Nibiru - [verses from the Torah] ''stars in the Heavens'' - ''you will lift up your eyes to the sky'' - Moshiach - 5776 - the month of March - Adar Beit

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Neshama said...

If I am noticing correctly, usually Torah Codes reflect something that has ALREADY occurred. The Torah Codes don't PREDICT. We are not supposed to use 'the constellations to predict' future events. However, what Rabbi Glazerson is showing us is a constellation (star) event in the FUTURE, as some bloggers are foretelling. Has anyone thought about this?

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The Torah codes cannot predict. Rabbi Glazerson is showing the possibility that this may occur at this specific time. The date is close so we'll find out very soon. It's interesting.

leah said...

Everything is already in the codes. Sure ut us EASIER to find it after the fact. Future instances are a goal of the codes but till now dubious. If Hashem lets...we should start getting heads up(s). Don't forget prophecy comes back!

shoshana said...

I'm following Rabbi Glazersons posts for several years now, nothing found in Torah codes happens in the future. We can only see things after the fact. Whatever predictions are made have never come to pass as far as I have seen. Please correct me if I'm wrong- curious to know ! Hashem never lets us see the future-

vincent said...

There was a code about an earthquake in L.A. some years back already. That never happened. There were codes about The Maya calender. No sudden change in the world there. The codes on ISON looked convincing enough, but the thing just fizzled out. The codes mentioned 'avoda zara'. But maybe the belief in these things was the avoda zara itself. People are occupied with this, instead of doing teshuva and giving tsedaka, you name it (?) Not that these codes don't verify that the Torah IS a code book (also). As such they are very meaningful, and one should have the utmost respect for the people who are able to master these kind of things.

Anonymous said...

I too don't remember seeing ANY of these predictions come true. I too have been following this for years. By now, there are THOUSANDS of these torah code videos on YouTube.

There is no solid proof that these Drosnin ELS codes are valid.

The Nobel prize winner Professor Robert Aumann, a religious Jew and scientist, was one of the first proponents of the codes. After further research, he concluded that he could no longer provide his support for the validity of the Drosnin ELS codes

AS per wikipedia:
Torah codes controversy:

Aumann has entered the controversy of Bible codes research. In his position as both a religious Jew and a man of science, the codes research holds special interest to him. He has partially vouched for the validity of the "Great Rabbis Experiment" (see bible code article) by Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips, and Yoav Rosenberg, which was published in Statistical Science. Aumann not only arranged for Rips to give a lecture on Torah codes in the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, but sponsored the Witztum-Rips-Rosenberg paper for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy requires a member to sponsor any publication in its Proceedings; the paper was turned down however.

In 1996, a committee consisting of Robert J. Aumann, Dror Bar-Natan, Hillel Furstenberg, Isaak Lapides, and Rips, was formed to examine the results that had been reported by H.J. Gans regarding the existence of "encoded" text in the bible foretelling events that took place many years after the Bible was written. The committee performed two additional tests in the spirit of the Gans experiments. Both tests FAILED to confirm the existence of the putative code.

After a long analysis of the experiment and the dynamics of the controversy, stating for example that "almost everybody included [in the controversy] made up their mind early in the game" Aumann concluded:

"A priori, the thesis of the Codes research seems wildly improbable... Research conducted under my own supervision FAILED to confirm the existence of the codes – though it also did not establish their non-existence. So I must return to my a priori estimate, that the Codes phenomenon is improbable"


Anonymous said...

Interesting that R' Daniel Travis(can be seen on says that R' Moshe Sternbuch Shlita came over to him in shul last Shabbos and brought up the topic of Planet X..... R' Travis asked R' Moshe why he's not speaking about it just yet - he answered that the time is not right yet.... The Gedolim know and it seems that they will be speaking... He also read word for word the Zohar Hakadosh which discusses this whole thing.... May we all be worthy to experience this most wonderous event and live through it B'Rachamim - Amen

Devorah said...

If true [and I have no reason to doubt you] that is HUGE.

Motti said...

Did you notice what the name "ניבירו" becomes?

Devorah said...

Yes I didn't realize Vision of Geula was blogging again. He's back on the Blog Roll. From what he wrote.... it is the 66th year since the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe took the reigns in 5711. Three of the letters of Nibiru add up to 66 and the remaining three spell Rebbe.

Anonymous said...

Torah Codes or not, people are seeing something up there, now is the time to validate any current physical proof and tie it into past history. Everyone should do their own research, apparently anyone can see it that looks for it now.

Devorah said...

Listen to Rabbi Daniel Travis speaking about Nibiru here

Devorah said...

also see: Nibiru Update: Torah Codes

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Travis the Tzadok did leave out some very important mekoros regarding "Nibiru" as the world calls it (Xena according to NASA) that at explains it more fully including why the date of March 26 is completely false and will be altered soon.

It was all forecasted 3,300 years ago by Bilaam the gentile prophet in Parshas Balak.

דרך כוכב מיעקוב -- "When the star of Yaakov is on its pathway towards the earth" -- is that exact prediction.

When the star of Yaakov is In route...then
קם שבט מישראל... Mashiach Ben Yoseph will rise up. The Ramak, Rebbe Moshe Cordevero, classically and clearly explains the Zohar on this key pasuk in such detail that he even draws a picture of how the star will look. Remember we used to play with Jax?
That's precisely what he drew. A star with several smaller bodies surrounding it with 70 rays of light streaming out of (Nibiru)
connecting itself to each body surrounding the star.
This display will be seen above the earth when he states that all will marvel at the following event:
The rays of light will gradually (over 70 days) swallow each of the seven smaller bodies that will be absorbed into this Star (I believe this represents the seven continents). The whole world will see this happen and will indeed panic but know this is from Hashem that is arranging this display because of us - Yaakov (Yisroel) since he had a family of 70 vs. the 70 nations of the world. I believe scientists and astrologers may attempt to explain it away a "natural
phenomena" saying is either turning into a black hole or going supernova - but they will try to explain it away when it is anything but a "natural " occurrence.

Immediately after this they will be overcome by Mashiach -- the True Star after the 70 days of viewing this heavenly display.
The Ramak even gives the date כה׳ אלול (September 28) since that was the date of creation so HASHEM will begin this display just prior to a briah chadasha - new creation coming

Melrose Bay said...

In Michael Drosdins book "Bible Code" (1st of 3 so far), he tells of finding the assassination of Yitzak Rabin before it happened and when it did happen, he was astounded because he then knew they (the codes) were real.