Sunday, February 5, 2017

No Fish Before Moshiach

Experts are saying that an extinction level event is happening in Japan as the Fukushima No.1 power plant records its highest level radiation reading since the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

Talmud Sanhedrin 98a

Above is the relevant page of the Talmud: translation - "Mashiach ben Dovid will not arrive until someone seeks a fish for a sick person and cannot find one."

Rashi: When the waters will be congealed and fish cannot swim in such waters.

Who needs oil to congeal the waters when you have a radiation level of 530 sieverts per hour. The searing radiation level, described by some experts as “unimaginable,” far exceeds the previous high of 73 sieverts per hour at the reactor.


Anonymous said...

Remember when this originally happened and people started to cut down buying tuna, but, as usual, the media said nothing and after a while, people started buying the tuna, etc. again, but who knows what we have been ingesting these last few years because of all the coverup. Maybe now we've reached the point where they can't keep quiet anymore.

We need to pray that Moshiach doesn't tarry anymore and everything gets speeded up b'rachamim; it's all too much.

Genoism said...

Thing is that even if the whole plant leaks into the water it wouldn't affect the entire world. Yes it'd affect a large area but not literally the entire world.

Anonymous said...

Europe has vegetable problems: Severe Vegetable Shortage Deprives Europeans of Spinach, Broccoli

Britain shoppers are facing rationing

Anonymous said...

Kikar HaShabbos reported that on Motzei Shabbos (January 28, 2017) Rabbanit Leah Kook said that if we, as a nation, want all these troubles to stop, then we need cry/ scream out in unison to our Father in Heaven that we WANT Moshiach!

Rabbanit Leah Kook is not being an extremist, fanatical or radical.
What she's saying is located in the Gemara:
"When you see a generation overwhelmed by many troubles as by a river, await him [i.e. Moshiach](Sanhedrin 98a). Why? Because, "Salvation is found in troubles" (Tehillim 46:2).

However, that's only half the picture. What do I mean? For the third or fourth time, Rabbeinu Bachayei says that even though the time of the redemption had arrived, they weren’t worthy of being redeemed. However, once they all cried out in unison from the work that they were undergoing, there tefillos were accepted. The Novi says, “It will be a sign and a witness to Hashem in the land of Egypt, that when they cry out to Him because of oppressors, He will send them a savior and a leader and deliver them” (Yeshayah 19:20).

If I am real a REAL Torah abiding Jew, I need to ask myself:
• Do I really care about my Creator's honor?
The Mesillas Yesharim (chapter 19. See also ArtScroll, pages 403-408) says that one should yearn and pray for the redemption of Israel, because through it there will be an elevation in the honor of Hashem, blessed be He.

If one's close relative, sibling parent etc., was in the hospital, G-d forbid, hovering between life and death, he wouldn't just say, "Hashem will help." He'll make it his business to storm the heavens with tefillos. Even though he's not emotional person, there are tears streaming down his face! Why? Because he understands the serious of the situation.

On a practical level, do you go through:
• Suffering - emotionally, physically or mentally?
• Am I having a difficult time paying the bills?
• Is there a family member of mine who desperately needs a full recovery?
• Are there people that I know who are struggling in maintaining their Judaism?

There's no ending to this list.

Once Moshiach reveals himself all our problems will dissipate like smoke!

Anonymous said...

The frightening part is that after all these many years already of rabbanim and others claiming that moshiach is "imminent", we see people are now starting to lose hope. Unfortunately, I'm also losing hope and it looks like this generation does not have the merit or the desire for the real geulah. Most of am yisrael is too used to galus and suffering, that they are starting to forget how great the geulah is and what Hashem really can do to his precious chosen nation. At least, we can hope that the next generation will merit teshuva and our grandchildren or great grandchildren can see the powerful redemption happen in front of them. Very sad to accept. I think we are all losing hope on a greater scale. Trump is not bringing Moshiach, in case anyone had dreams about that.

Devorah said...

Who is losing hope? We are living in the most exciting time in history. And if people are losing hope, then what are they turning to? They'll be back on track, because there is no other option. And if you;re still reading this blog then you can't have lost all hope yet.

angela said...

AMEN DEVORAH!!! We will continue to believe even though he tarries... we know it is imminent... we will not lose hope, nor despair, even when the hour looks dark or quiet and nothing going on... we know it IS going on!! HaShem gave You the Prophets of Old to tell us what to look for...

May we cry out to HaShem with sincerity that it is in OUR day, and OUR eyes will see this... amen amen amen.

Anonymous said...

Devorah, Anonymous wrote:
"At least, we can hope that the next generation will merit teshuva and our grandchildren or great grandchildren can see the powerful redemption happen."

If we have people that post such comments like that they shouldn't even be inserted on your blog. He's a destructive person, without even realizing it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment that people are losing hope. Trump is having too much opposition. The Israeli gov't continues to kick out its own people. The Jewish nation is not uniting or doing teshuva. Things are NOT looking good. The only good news is that we have another 223 years at most (We won't be alive in this world then, by the way)

Anonymous said...

Trump won't bring Moshiach. Already he's slowly adopting the policies of Obama and Bush II by demanding a halt to the building of more yishuvim. Nothing indicates his son-in-law, who promises to help him with "negotiations" will be in our favor. I fear we may have spoken too soon by attributing him to Moshiach Ben Dovid.

Devorah said...

According to Rabbi Kessin Hashem is controlling Trump. I think you should all stop judging individual events and start looking at the entire picture. None of us can predict what these individual events will ultimately bring about. I think your pessimism is premature, and in any case it is not helpful to think negatively. Maintain your emunah and believe that whatever is occurring the world, whether or not it appears to be good or bad, is being orchestrated by Hashem. Personally I don't see anything happening that is causing me to stop believing we are at the end times. On the contrary, things are speeding up! To claim that you are all giving up is totally ridiculous and you need to do some serious soul-searching in the area of Emunah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well hope springs eternal. The 'imminent' word was used way back in the early 1950's. A lot of 'miracles' have happened since then, no doubt about that, mostly in the world of medical and scientific knowledge/breakthroughs. Life expectancy and health have improved tremendously, but maybe our morality, kindness to others, trust in Hashem, etc not so much.

Devorah said...

and for others, trust in Hashem, morality and kindness have increased. It just depends how you want to see the world.

Giving up and losing faith is NOT AN OPTION. We know that at the end of days our faith will be tested, we've heard that said many times.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the despair? There's no reason what-so-ever to fold now. Like Devorah said, this is the most exciting time to be alive. When I witness all the hysterical craziness on the Left, the obscene depraved feminists screaming, the whole Left in the government going totally crazy at every turn with the President, all the bold faced lying I KNOW the Satan is dying just as Rabi Mendel Kessin stated. The darkest is before the dawn. You have to do whatever it takes to hang on. Have emunah in our Creator. We have many examples in our history about how this works. In two parshahs ago where Moshe comes to Hashem to complain that things are worse now that the Jews have to gather their own straw. Even Moshe Rabbenu at that time didn't understand how things work but he caught on. Things don't go up with out going down first. We have a promise from G-d Himself and if you know what's good for you, you'll have faith. Don't complain. We see how complainers and skeptics didn't fare so well in our first Redemption.
Be patient. Reassure yourself and others that G-d is in the Driver's Seat. He's in control. Don't fret. Prepare yourself and know you will be rewarded for your faithfulness. Be thankful you are alive. We are witnessing prophecy unfold before our eyes.

Devorah said...

Is a fragment of Nibiru due to hit New York on 16 Feb? See this new Torah Code from Rabbi Glazerson Nibiru 20 Shvat

MT said...

Peaceful people dye peacefully. Will Satan dye peacefully? Not at all! He will put up a show of violence never seen before.

Devorah said...

Rabbi Mizrachi is expecting trouble, somewhere in this current events shiur, can't remember exactly where but I think it's less than halfway - Rotten Leaders who betrayed Hashem

Ben Hur said...

We live a time of astonishing events.
But it will be a moment when humanity becomes alert. The human entangled minds will create a fear as never experienced before. That is when humanity starts the process of cleansing.
Am Yisrael will lead the events. Already Jews, almost all over the world, become fearful. What to do? Where to go?
A family of friends from Argentina went to US to start a new life. Soon they will realise they have to move again, this time to Yisrael where the suffering will be less that in Diaspora. People of good will sounds the alarm, but unfortunately few are listening. The last Jewish suffering is now on the making. Will you choose wise? Will you move to Yisrael?

Mia Sherwood Landau said...

Probably no coincidence that this week is the Parsha of redemption. Sounds like we could all benefit from a dose of certainty, which goes beyond faith.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! May Moshiach come now for all life on earth bringing health and peace forever!! There is no way the world can go on much longer like this! The disrespect throughout the world is unbelievable and in my day, even 30 years ago, none of this ever happened!! It can not continue and Moshiach must come NOW!!!

Coming Home said...

Rabbi Mizrachi comments are about the 20 min mark.

Anonymous said...

We also need to remember most of what Trump plans to do were already set into place by the presidents before him, including Obama. Obama implemented a refugee ban in 2011. Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. Obama accelerated American wars overseas, even if he presented himself as a pushover. It was even Bill Clinton who was supposed to move the American embassy to Yerushalayim AND wanted the border wall. Trump talks the talk but has no chance of walking the walk. His immigration ban was overturned and his appeal was denied. The left-wing in America is using Trump's presidency to get more militant as we see in Berkeley, NYU, etc. And what side are we supposed to take in Russia vs. Ukraine? Obama put sanctions on Russia so you'd think Russia is our ally as they were seeking to defy him, however Russia is seeking to prop Bashar Al-Assad back up and has ultimately taken a side against Israel and for the PA plus they're good friends with Iran and North Korea.

I agree we are approaching the end of days, but I do not believe Trump himself will come out the victor. This is why WE have to be the ones working towards Moshiach rather than putting all our faith in an American leader. And why is America always prioritized over other nations? It's not exactly top dog in the world right now as we can see with the emergence of China and India not to mention Germany.