Monday, February 20, 2017

The World of Eight

We live in a world of sevens:  seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven musical notes, seven continents, seven wonders of the world.....   but when Moshiach comes it will be a world of eight.  Eight is the number of Moshiach.

We will have an extra colour added to the rainbow, an extra note added to music - “the harp of the era of Mashiach will be of eight strands” -  and the world will be far more vibrant and alive.

And now we have eight continents!

Recently, it was announced that New Zealand is not an island, it is actually a continent.  The island that we know as New Zealand is just a section of exposed land, which actually is just a section of a much greater part hidden under water. The land mass of 4.5 million square kilometers [1.74 million square miles] is 94 percent underwater and only its highest points - New Zealand and New Caldeonia - poke above the surface. “If we could pull the plug on the oceans it would be clear to everyone we have mountain chains and a big high-standing continent above the ocean crust.” [More at Washington Post]

Photo shows the eight continents: note that here they have joined up Europe and Asia, making ''Eurasia''. By most standards, however, these two are separate: North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Zealandia. 

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the number eight, see "Jewish Wisdom in the Numbers" by Osher Chaim Levene and Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman, pages 124-129.