Thursday, February 23, 2017

Geula: So Much Closer Now

For those of you who were a bit upset with Rabbi Kessin when he theorized, in one of his 21st Century videos, that we may have up to 15 years to wait for the Moshiach, now you can all take a deep breath and relax because in the second part of The Perception of the Divine Prophecy and the Messianic Process, he tell us to expect Him in 5778.

This makes perfect sense to me.   5777 would be the year that we are prepared for His arrival, and 5778 - the eight being the number of Moshiach - is when He finally reveals Himself.

I understand that many of you will not have the time or the patience to sit and listen to a two-hour long shiur, so I have summarized some it, but I really encourage you to listen, because I personally think that Rabbi Kessin is absolutely amazing and I could listen for days.

He spoke about the ''love fest'' of Trump and Bibi  with their arms around each other - @ 1:47 in the video below - and explained that what this really represents is Yaakov and Esav returning to each other. We are witnessing the prophecy of the Torah from 3300 years ago - that they will be brothers again.  This was like a re-union of the brothers for which there has been no precedent in the USA.   Trump is the tov sh'be Eisav - the good part of Eisav.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.  

The task of America now is to:

1.   Assist the Jews both in military and trade
2.   Allow Israel to build up for the kibbutz galius - [we are getting very close to Moshiach] - more on this on the video
3.   Protect Israel from Iran [or anyone else including the UN and Europe].
4.   Neutralize the two state solution.

Trump is highly instrumental in getting the world to a state of consciousness in which it can receive the Moshiach - even though Trump is unaware of this, he is just doing the will of Hashem.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.

Rabbi Kessin also told us that Moshiach is paralyzed and ''in jail'' - His power is necessarily imprisoned inside Him, He cannot expose this power until the world is ready.   If Moshiach were to be revealed now, most of the world would die as they could not survive the holiness and spirituality.


Ms. H said...

Amen, V'Amen, Devorah! Await the arrival of Moshiach ben Dovid each day - and yes each and every day we make progress(even though we cannot see it....) May Hashem continue to move us in the Geula direction with endless Chesed & Rachamim. Ms. H.

Anonymous said...

Ms. H, listen to the words of the Chofeitz Chayim:
“All the many troubles that have fallen upon us, from which we have still not been saved, are because we don’t scream and increase our prayers in response to them. If we had prayed (properly), we would not have returned empty-handed. And it is not enough that (one) prays the Shemoneh Esrei prayer three times each day; several times daily he must pour out his requests in solitude, in his house, from the depths of his heart.

The three regular prayers are so routine that one does not really concentrate during them – which is not the case if each person would contemplate in solitude his own plight... then he would pour out his heart like water to Hashem. Such a prayer would emerge with very deep intent with a broken heart and with great humility. Such a prayer will certainly not go unanswered...!” (Kuntrus Likutei Amarim, chapter 10).

Just as Hashem listened to the groaning voices of Bnei Yisroel in Egypt, so will Hashem listen to our cries today. In the merit of that prayer and crying, Hashem will speedily bring the Redemption, as is written (Zohar volume 2, page 12b), “Rav Yitzchak said that the salvation of Israel depends only on crying... as it is written (Yirmiyahu 31:8.) ‘... with crying they will come, and with lamentations I will lead them.’”

Devorah said...

If you want to listen to a shorter one-part version of the same topic, go to Seeing Hashem in the the Darkness of Exile - Trump, Putin & More.

Rivka said...

It's very interesting that Rav Kessin says that Moshiach is in jail at the brought an obvious connection to mind.

This article: explains that:

"When the Moshiach comes, he’s going to be accompanied by the police and have to sit in jail.

The Ramban (explaining the quote from Zecharia 9:9, which says that Moshiach will be poor and riding on a donkey) writes the following:

“This means that he’ll be accompanied by prosecutors and policemen, who’ll attack him with abuse and invective.”

So more than a thousand years’ ago, the Ramban explained that when the Moshiach comes the whole of the Jewish people aren’t going to immediately honor him and accept him – quite the opposite.

The Moshiach is going to arrive under armed guard, and be persecuted and disgraced. And if that’s not enough, he’s then going to sit in jail, too.

The Gemara in Sanhedrin (98:1) says that Moshiach is going to sit: “At the entrance of Rome”. The Ramchal explains (in Kinat Hashem Tsivakot Part 2): “This means he’ll sit in prison” – as is mentioned many times in the midrashim."

Devorah Chayah said...

Halevai! If only it were true. But, this optimistic scenario does not comport with the many prophecies which say otherwise, most notably Ovadiah. I believe Rabbi Kessin believes what he is saying, but it seems to be based more on wishful thinking than solid Torah sources. Be very careful in the minefield of online Jewish learning. It can be treacherous. Test everything by the ancient sources. The world is at its most impure and evil right now, even worse than Migdal Bavel and Sodom v'Amorrah. We are living the worst case scenario of geulah b'ita. Wake up!

Devorah Chayah said...

Please take note that North and South America will very likely be within that 1/3 area prophesied by Zechariah which is totally destroyed, since it is at the furthest end of the earth from Eretz Yisrael. Because the even hashetiyah is the anchor, when things start spinning out of control, the farthest point will get the hardest shaking.

כ ח said...

Devorah in response to what you said:
"When Rabbi Kessin says that Moshiach is paralyzed and ''in jail'' it is not meant to be taken literally, Rabbi Kessin does not mean that Moshiach is sitting in a wheelchair behind bars, it means he is paralyzed within Himself, he cannot reveal his powers yet. Hashem has ''imprisoned'' the powers of the Moshiach until such time as the world will be capable of receiving it, and if he is revealed now most of the world would die as they could not survive the holiness and spirituality."

It is definitely true that Moshiach being paralyzed behind bars is meant to be understood more deeply as everything else in the world is, however, Rabbi Ezriel Tauber explains that everything happens also in its literal sense even while its a parable to something deeper. So yes Moshiach sitting in a wheelchair behind bars while the majority of the world is "waging war against him" is meant to be understood that he cannot reveal his powers yet, and we are not capable of receiving him yet. However, that is not to say that Moshiach is not actually sitting in a wheelchair behind bars! In fact, Rav Chatzkel Levinson said that as Jews we are required to look for the literal outplay of the words of Chazal and like all world events leading to Moshiach keep in mind the deeper significance of what is happening around us and it is forbidden to ignore these things.

Sometimes, by saying "its not to be taken literal" people can brush off actual events which clearly hint to the coming of Moshiach as outlined by Chazal. And then the deeper meaning can be interpreted by each individual in a way that comfortably meets their lifestyle so they can go on in their ways without change. That is dangerous.

In our case, when the Ramchal interprets the gemara that Moshiach is sitting "in the gates of Rome" he says, that means that he is sitting in jail void of his spiritual light. The Ramchal is not giving us another parable, he is giving us the actual meaning.

I don't want to make any predictions but actually, as we speak there is a huge tzaddik of the likes that the world hasn't seen in many generations who is sitting in a wheelchair behind bars after undergoing a life-threatening surgery. All this while it seems that the whole world is "waging war against him"

I only mention this here because I know that the people of this blog are on the correct side of things, just wanted to point out this interesting thing that Rabbi Kessins shiur reminded me of.

Devorah said...

The other person who has been mentioned, apart from Rav Berland, is Meir Ettinger. And apparently they are so scared of Meir Ettinger that they have now stopped him teaching Torah ! [See Emergency update on Meir Ettinger]
We can ponder all we like, but we still don't really know for sure. Just have to wait and see.

Devorah said...

Just to note, when I say the other person who has been ''mentioned'', I mean by other bloggers. Rabbi Kessin has never said anyone's name.

Anonymous said...

Where does he say this? I listened to the whole thing and only at the end does he say about the Gematria is 778 and then he says to put a 5 in front of it because it will take more time. He does not say specifically "expect Moshiach to come in 5778."


Devorah said...

Yes, it's at the end that he says 5778. He does not specifically say the words ''Moshiach will come in 5778'' but that is the impression I got from what he did say. We all know that theoretically Moshiach can come today or tomorrow.
And this brings me back to the recurring problem of being a Geula blogger: on the one hand I want to give as much information as possible, and on the other hand I know some people can get nervous when dates are mentioned. Nevertheless I will continue to blog information as it comes and we will all continue to wait and never give up hope G-d forbid.

Devorah said...

Actually Mark I want to thank you for mentioning that, because Rabbi Kessin only HINTED whereas I jumped on it. And I guess the reason I jumped on it is because it ties in exactly with R'Dov Bar Leib's theory at
Piercing (Pirtzah) the Darkness that is (Tzarfat) at the End of Days,
, counting nine months [of a pregnancy] from the date of the UN Resolution, which would bring us to the end of Sukkot 5778.

Unknown said...

I am a Christian. We follow prophecy and pay attention to what happens to Israel and God's people. This is what my family believes too. As Zechariah says he will appear on the Mount of Olives and split it in two. We also believe possibly 5777-8. The King is coming!

chaya zaetz said...

For Lubavitchers that believe the rebbe to be Moshiach rabbi Kessin disagrees with that how to reconcile everything

Devorah said...

You reconcile it by understanding that the Rebbe was the Moshiach of his time, and the soul of the Moshiach appears in every generation, but that particular generation was not worthy to see the Geula.

chaya zaetz said...

we'll live and see no one has a direct line to Hashem its all different thinking each idea has merit