Friday, February 16, 2018

5778 and the End of Time

The article I am linking to here starts off as an easy read, but then gets a little more complicated and deeper into Kabbalah.  Some people will not understand the Kabbalah, but will get the general idea anyway

When we overlay the spiritual maps of the Torah and the Zohar and overlay these with the spiraling and encircling mathematical constants that bridge the spiritual with the physical, and overlay that with the physical clock-like mechanism of our Solar System, a purposeful design emerges. This design is clearly built around the 5778-year time frame, but why? The simple answer is that at the end of 5778 years, Man always gives up its free choice and thus has no more need of time.

G-d Vs AI, a 5778 Year Old Race


Anonymous said...

For all we know, based upon the typos, that article itself may be a product of AI. Nu?

Devorah said...

That's funny, and there are quite a few typos, I'm sure he'll correct them. I often go back and correct blog posts. Pretty sure Ezra [Jeffrey] Meiliken is a real person.

IntrospectiveLife said...

Devorah, Rabbi Reuven Wolf - who has been taking the world by storm recently with his explanations of what we already (should) know about Moshiach - just started a new channel on YouTube called "Learn & Bring Moshiach". He is doing a series of videos called "Moshiach in the News" which I think you'll find interesting.

Neshama said...

Re: “The simple answer is that at the end of 5778 years, Man always gives up its free choice and thus has no more need of time.”
This is a strange idea. When Mashiach arrives we will have to build the Beis, so time will continue, even if in 5779. We still have 222 years till 6000. This is as far as I’ve gotten with the prelude.

Neshama said...

Now that I have perused (not entirely) the linked info, my reaction is: Emunah is that one believes ALL comes from Shamayim, from Hashem, and that HE rules over EVERYTHING. So, nothing will compete with Hashem and win. Hashem is the Ruler, the Winner over ALL. A1 is just another test.

His thesis doesn’t sit well with me.

סר said...

We cannot be easily deceived. The article is written by an AI machine. The vocabulary, the sentence structure, the way of building an argument show clearly that there isn't soul in the author of the article.
The major deference between the Organic Intelligence and the Artificial Intelligence is that the former emanates from a soul, whereas the later from something that hasn't got a soul.
The current evolution of the AI is indeed towards destruction, its major application is in the military.
As a conclusion, the AI will never be in competition with Organic Intelligence that was designed by HaShem. The AI is manmade, being actually a deviation towards evil.
But in the future, in the olam haba, the AI will be a tool to serve humanity, not a tool of destruction that it is in the olam haze.

george said...

Unless we really were in Egypt for 430 years. Then we are in the year 5998. Two years left

Anonymous said...

Whether this is for real or not; it makes much sense that the year 5778 (ending in 8 is also a signal) for our Geulah and because of all the other signs that we have regarding geulah. This article might be AI because this reminds us of the Tower of Babel with the same players (reincarnations at the end of time) who have brillianty figured everything out and want to confuse the Jews (& the rest of the world) but it doesn't matter because everything is from H' and the AI is and are being used and fooled and the end is not at all what they have thought out. AI is only what man's mind can put into it, and that only goes so far. We rely on nothing and no one except H' and look to His Torah and the Zohar (kosher Kabbalah) and His holy sages for answers.

Anonymous said...

@ Neshama
Stand up

Imagine you are going to work and sitting in the train. A person comes in and asks all passengers in a funny way for money to buy his daily drug supply (crack, speed, alkohol, whatever). All people are giggling, at least inside, nobody give money. Only an old man starts to react. Everybody could hear him: The world today is strange. Hey you. Stand up. When ask, for what to stand up, he shows his anger about unemployment, poverty and loneliness. He asks: What have you done to prevent this? Stand up!

Of course is Hashem ruling the world, but every of his servants has to stand up to go against his enemies.