Thursday, February 1, 2018

Blood Red Moon

It was very cloudy last night where I am living, but here is a great photo by Jeremy Hui of the super moon eclipse in Singapore.

Ancient Prophecy: Convergence of Lunar Eclipse With Tu B’Shvat Signals End of Ishmael’s Reign


Anonymous said...

Yishmael will start the End of Days fights after he did spread over one third of the earth surface. 5778, the year of geulah. Ben Hur

Neshama said...

Beautiful, and enlightening! Thank you.

Russell Yushvah said...

I'm sorry for an off topic question, but what happened to the absolute truth Mr. Robinson's blog? There hasn't been any post since November. I pray he is well.

Anonymous said...

The lack of interest, in this essential subject, does show what kind of generations are the prezent Yehudim. We can for sure predict the End by observing the behaviour of the living Am Yisrael today.
The scenario will evolve towards Am Yisrael falling on her knees... saying : HaShem we are humble now, don't destroy us!
This final redemption, although resembles to a certain degree the first one, had another kind of people. During Moshe's time they were on their knees in slavery, whereas the current generations are free and affluent. Moshe managed to rise the ancient Hebrews from their knees, whereas in the time of Mashiach, the modern Hebrews will fall on their knees.
It's the final judgment, the end of a mission for the entire Am Yisrael (including the Erev Rav), and the beginning of another mission in olam haba for the remnant of Yisrael. The victory is only for those who did listen to what HaShem has said.
But, who cares? The business goes as usual, the scenario of the End of Days is for sure manifested. סר

Anonymous said...

We remember that, although the Hebrews of Moshe's time were slaves, they still opposed Moshe, they created rebellions.
How do we expect Mashiach to reveal himself to the current generations?
The man cannot be so naive to come forwards and reveal himself. To who? To how many righteous Jews? Rabanim of insights (starting with the Rebbe) did point out, in the last 25 years, to the idea that Mashiach is ready to come. But we observed in time that Am Yisrael wasn't ready to see the Mashiach.
All those prediction found in the Bible codes are true as concerning the readiness of the Mashiach. And what Rav Kanievski has said was true, that Mashiach will come at the end of Shmitah year. He did come but Yisrael wasn't there.
Here on the comments we try to rise the consciousness of a nation with a mission. The words may make sense to the few.
And the eclipse on Tu B'Shvat.
There isn't blame, there isn't any admonishing in such words. We attempt to awaken only those who may be able to make it. And this is out of compassion! סר

Anonymous said...

Look how insane the world has become! Canada votes for gender-neutral anthem TR

Anonymous said...

Seventy Years, Birth Pangs and Redemption:

Devorah said...

Russell: Absolute Truth blog has not been updated because Rav Menachem had a stroke and is slowly recovering in hospital in Israel. His Hebrew name is Menachem ben Rivka if you want to say prayers for him.