Thursday, February 15, 2018

Can You Handle The Truth?

Can you handle the truth? An open discussion with Rabbi Alon Anava

"the most hardest klipah..... that's where Moshiach comes from'' - [just after the 18 min mark, but listen to it all ]


סר said...

True. The klipot, and their exponents, the reshaim, will be scrutinised by the Moshiach. In the crooked world he has to know such people and their doings. This is what Rav Anava intends to say.
This is an inspiring shiur revealing multiple subjects, the education of children is a fundamental issue, regatding the first generations of tzadikim opening the olam haba.

Mr. Cohen said...

Since the topic of this video is
the falsehood of Reform Judaism,
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Anonymous said...

Dear Devorah,
What does klipah mean?

Devorah said...

Kelipah [pl. Klipot] “peel” or “shell” — words used in Kabbalah to describe layers of impurity.

Devorah said...

Rabbi Anava talks more about klippot in this shiur: