Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Biblical Prophecy in Today's News

Tamar Yonah talks to Rabbi Mendel Kessin on Israel News Talk Radio recorded Feb 6.

Terror attacks, friction with Poland, and U.S. – Israeli relations. What does all the news we are seeing have to do with prophesy and the Messianic era? We examine some of the latest news stories with Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

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Anonymous said...

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There is a highly dangerous message/e-mail/text many ppl will get tomorrow that asks to click a link and respond to a survey about Israel committing war crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Big earthquake Taiwan, buildings down

alex613 said...

New from Rabbi Kessin: Purim, Amalek and the modern era

Devorah said...

Someone has removed that video Alex, I don't know why, I hope they put it back. If not, I think he's giving another one on Sunday night in Israel.

Devorah said...

The audio of that video can be found here: Purim, Amalek & the Modern Era