Thursday, May 10, 2018

Part 2: The Significance of May 12th and May 14th 2018

In Yehezkel 38 and Zechariah 14, it talks about the last war, which is Gog from the land of Magog. There are all types of prophecy, but this clearly is the last war.  What is the logic of Gog and Magog? What does it all mean?  

In order to understand this, you have to go back to Egypt.  Evil has two phases: one is that it tries to destroy good.  Specifically it tries to destroy the Jewish people from doing the tikkun, mitzvos and teshuvah. There is no question about that.

However, there is a Phase Two.  When evil has been vanquished, they arrive for a last push. It's like a star before it dies.  It takes in all its energy and gives out a monumental cataclysmic explosion.  A nova can outshine galaxies..... and we are talking about one star in a billion stars, yet that nova will outshine the whole galaxy.  Can you imagine how much energy is in that star?    

Evil does the same thing.  Before it dies, and while it is dying, it can take it all the energies it has and then explode in a fiercesome explosion.  That is the story of Egypt.  The Krias Yam Suf [splitting of the sea]. Hashem destroyed Egypt with the ten plagues, but that wasn't enough... they had to come back after the Jews.  That is Phase Two.  

First they kept them as slaves for hundreds of years, and then when they were finally destroyed they went after them again by Krias Yam Suf.  So the splitting of the sea was really the last attempt of evil to subdue good.  That's why when the Satan is dying he tries to gather all his kitrugim [prosecutions] and find any evidence he can to destroy the Jews.  There is the famous one where the angel of the Egyptians [who was working as a helper to the Satan] says ''why do you want to save the Jews?  The Egyptians worship idols and the Jews worship idols.''  We see that the Satan made a monumental attempt to save the Egyptians.

All the people trying to topple President Trump is the result of the Satan dying. The Satan is trying to get everyone on his side to stop this man.  Why?  Because they know that Trump is going to drain the swamp.... or rather drain the sewer, which is basically Washington DC.  But that is not the only reason why they are all going crazy.  

The real reason why is because Trump is going to do something for Israel which has never been done before.

That is the concept of the resurgence of evil to try to destroy good. And that is the concept of Gog from the land of Magog.... an individual who gathers the 70 nations of the world [the gematria of Gog u Magog is 70 representing the 70 nations].... to go against the Jewish people and especially Moshiach ben Yosef.... and that is the last attempt of the Satan to again wipe out the Jewish people.

Gog and Magog is nothing more than a repeat attempt of Krias Yam Suf.

Hashem can change the form of Gog and Magog, and it is not a person.  As far as I am concerned, Gog and Magog is the United Nations, who have representatives of the entire world sitting there trying to destroy the Jewish people.  The United Nations is Gog u Magog and they are trying to destroy Israel.

Zechariah talks about not just trying to destroy Israel but specifically the Jews in Jerusalem, because Jerusalem is their major spiritual city. When President Trump wanted to declare Jerusalem the capital, 139 nations voted against it.

If the United Nations is Gog and Magog.... then we will not have a war of Gog u Magog.  You should know that a war of Gog u Magog against the Jewish people would be horrendous, as it says in the Gemorrah only one or two families of a city would survive.  That sounds like a holocaust.

Hashem split the wars of Gog u Magog into three parts.  The Chofetz Chaim says this, by the way.  Phase One was WW1 which destroyed hundreds of Jewish communities, even though it wasn't directly against the Jews, it changed Jewish life in Europe forever.  The second phase was WW2 where Hitler yemach shemo [as Gog] united a great deal of the world against the Jews, and there you had the brutality where only one or two families from a city survived.  Hashem brought the real brutality of Gog u Magog towards the Jews in WW2.  So Gog u Magog already happened twice.  

When you read the Novi, you can see that the war of Gog u Magog comes in three phases.   The final stage will not be so brutal, it will be in the form of confrontation, which is much milder.  We are already seeing that in the form of the United Nations.  It will be far less brutal as Hashem has split it into three parts.

Let's look at Phase Three.  If the United Nations is Gog and Magog, where do we see this ending?  On May 14 something is going to happen that is beyond belief.

The major claim of Gog/Magog is that Jerusalem does not belong to you, and Israel does not belong to you, and therefore they are going to conduct a war.  People don't make war just to say I want your money or your territory... today that is rare.  People have to dress it up and masquerade it as some virtue, such as ''you gotta give everything back to the Arabs''... they can't just attack you and kill you and say we want your cash.  These days Congress has to be justified with some virtuous statement.  So they say ''it belongs to the Arabs, you have to split it in half...''

On May 14, which is the 70th anniversary of the Jewish State on the English calendar....there is something happening which is beyond belief, and I don't think anybody realizes it.  We know that 250 individuals from America, congressmen, senators... are going to Jerusalem to open up the Embassy in Jerusalem.  It's incredible that there's going to be an Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem.  So if somebody is born in Jerusalem, it will no longer say that he is a citizen of Jerusalem, it will say that he is a citizen of Israel because now Jerusalem becomes Israel. That is incredible.

The second idea is that in making Jerusalem the capital, it is the stamp of approval and it legitimizes the whole area, and that Eretz Yisroel belongs to the Jews.

President Trump has said he will go the opening. Why would the President go to the opening of an Embassy? Think about that.  Presidents generally don't go to openings of an Embassy, they send the Diplomats.  Why would Trump say that he would go?  It means that Edom now realizes that the Jews are the legitimate owners of the Land of Israel.  By making the Embassy in Jerusalem, they are making a statement that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.

It's interesting that there are many nations that are going to follow... we already have Guatemala, Czechoslovakia.... and many other nations will follow and there will be a rush, and it means that the world will recognise that Israel belongs to the Jews.  If that's the case, then there can no longer be a Gog and Magog because the argument that Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews is already over.  If all the countries are slowly going to put their embassies in Jerusalem.... then there is nothing to talk about !  That's an admission by every country that Jerusalem is the capital, so it takes away their whole claim... and if that's the case, then there's no Gog u Magog.

The King of America, Donald Trump, a Messianic figure of Edom, who represents Eisav, is now admitting to the Jewish people that Jerusalem is the capital and belongs to them.  What he has done is single-handedly stopped Gog u Magog.


LondonMale said...

Thank you for transcribing this. It is not always possible for me to listen to the Shiurim, so I find it easier to read a short summary that is written.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have Rabbi Mizrachi's shiur posted??


Devorah said...

I removed it as it was attracting negative comments. You can watch it on You Tube.

Devorah said...

Here's the link to Rabbi Mizrachi

Anonymous said...

Sholaj u'vroho,
Dear Dvojre, in MAHARAM Kessin Shlit'a's article there is an unknown country, what is mentioned there. Naminlgly czehoslovakia. Hopefully it is only a grammatical error and not an intended thing. The problem with amerikans as well as gite jiddise briders, they do not not on wich planet they are living. B'H, for a long-long time, since the breaking the walls in eastern germany, there is no czehoslovakia anymore, like if you still use the term, east germany and west germany. As well as there is no soviet union. Be advise, to be top in current world history as well as the past, and to be top on geography.
A gite sabesz,
Avrohom Uriel Danziger
Budapest Magyarország

Neshama said...

Devorah, it must be really on spot if there were negative comments. I got thru 1/3 and hope to resume Sunday. Can’t wait to hear what caused the furor :-)
Shavua Tov

Devorah said...

I don't really understand why the commenters were annoyed, except that he didn't mention making Aliyah etc. I only listened to onethird as well, too long to hear the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Devorah: The thing that bothered the commenters was not that he didn't mention aliyah, but that he was negative about the everyday life in Yisrael at this time, such as poverty, dealing with banks and general beureaucracy, high real estate prices and employment being difficult to get, etc. People want to hear the good things; he was just being truthful as he sees it. Maybe he didn't realize he was being negative but the hard everyday things he contended with can really get one upset. This is what socialism does; it's still ingrained in the Israeli system and it seems to be getting that way everywhere in the world, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I think it's that people simply can not handle the fact that Israel is not considered a 'perfect land' just yet.... That perfection will only happen when Moshiach actually arrives, and we 'rightfully' get it back.

Until then, please calm down. He's only criticizing that which is not connected to any particular holiness out there.... It's just like chuckling at some malfunctions in New York.


Anonymous said...

Agree with the last two Anonymous commenters! Said it exactly as I feel.

Devorah said...

US Embassy Move: Cancelling the War of Gog and Magog?

Nations Divided Over Whether to Attend Opening Ceremony of US Embassy in Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

One is not supposed to say ANY lashon hora about Eretz Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

One should also not put a stumbling block before the blind. people considering Aliyah need to know the reality.

Anonymous said...

We live in a world of extremes; after reading once again from a commenter about loshon harah, I had to write something. Today the loshon hara going on in the media is mind boggling, whether it be about Pres. Trump or any of his associates or about anyone. There are no limits and no shame to their shaming others. Then there are those who feel that everything is loshon hara; it does not work that way. When you rightfully rebuke someone or feel there is a great wrong being perpetrated that is hurtful and might be dangerous or whatever to others and should be righted, one must speak out. The Anonymous above thinks this is loshon hara - it is not. We are not robots and have opinions, each with his own mindset so we can debate with one another how to better life. Speaking badly of others for no reason or if someone has it out for someone else and spreading lies - that is loshon hara. Also, when we are taught not to speak ill of E.Y., it doesn't mean we accept everything even when the laws of Torah are being broken in Eretz Hakodesh by its leadership, or everyday life is a hardship when it is the bureaucracy which causes it; it needs to be fixed, and that holds true with everything. Nobody is speaking ill, c'v, about the Land or the Jewish population. The wrongs are about the 'socialist' way of life imposed on the population causing hardship for the people.

Devorah said...

Thank you Anon @ 9:09 for your excellent comment - ''When you rightfully rebuke someone or feel there is a great wrong being perpetrated that is hurtful and might be dangerous or whatever to others and should be righted, one must speak out.''

It also ties in with something happening in my personal life, and I for one am totally fed up with people NOT speaking about serious issues which need to be spoken about. ''Those who are merciful to the cruel, end up being cruel to the merciful.''