Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sweetening Judgments

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from the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

When the messengers who bring suffering are despatched, they are made to take an oath: that they will neither set out nor return except on such and such a day, at such and such a time, and only [carry out their mission] by using the designated means. However, repentance, prayer and charity have the power to nullify [the enactment of] this oath.

Reciting the Torah chapters concerning the Choshen, the Breastplate [Exodus 28:15-30; 39:8-21] is a tikkun [rectification] for harsh judgments.

A person who suffers affliction should give charity. This charity will be considered as if it were a fee paid to a judge for his services, which when accepted, nullifies the verdict's validity. And through this his suffering will be alleviated.

When a person rebukes his friend for the right motives, he has a thread of loving-kindness drawn over him.

A person who does not accept rebuke will experience suffering.

To sweeten harsh judgments, recite Psalm 39 and Psalm 77.

When the nations have issued an evil decree against the Jews, Psalm 62 should be said.

A person can determine and understand his sins from the suffering which he experiences.

There are four things which abolish harsh decrees: Tzedakah [charity], crying out to G-d, changing one's name and improving one's conduct.

Crying out to G-d helps the individual only prior to the final decree.

A person's accusers are beaten off by the study of Torah.

A final decree accompanied by an oath cannot be abolished, even for the sake of an entire community.

The effects of a decree against a person apply only in a specific place. He can save himself by changing his location.

A person should tell others of his anguish so that they will pray for mercy on his behalf.

Accepting suffering with love is like bringing a sacrifice.

A person who falls down while walking should see this as a sign of a downfall on a spiritual level. Falling down while walking sometimes serves to nullify a pronouncement of death which has been issued against the person.

A person who finds himself suffering from harsh judgment should make it a habit to gaze at the Heavens.

The Holy One exonerates the person who teaches righteousness to the wicked.

A man of truth receives G-d's lovingkindness undisguised by judgments.

Trust in G-d sweetens judgment and draws down loving-kindness.

Through faith [emunah] it is possible to convince G-d to follow your will.


annie said...

Thank GD Thank GD Thank GD.... After you posted this, Devorah, I read it and the links, and went to sleep. Our son who was flying home from Hawaii had boarded the plane and was on his way home, when someone smelled diesel or gas, (not sure which)... and the plane had to turn around, they cancelled the flight, set him up in a hotel till tomorrow morning when they will again, board the plane to return home.

Thank you, Devorah, for posting this. Thank HaShem for wathing over our son and all those passengers on that plane... Thank HaShem forever... True story...

So humbling to know how we are so watched over and cared for... Baruch HaShem forever

Devorah said...

Annie there’s nothing worse than having to worry about our kids - thank God he’s ok 🙏

Anonymous said...

Miriam has left a new comment on your post "Sweetening Judgments":

This is the truth of Rav Eliezer Berland, who is unfortunately being believed in the media to be on the evil side when he is, in fact, fighting against everything evil and sweetening our judgments. He is one of the biggest tzaddikim of our generation and many gedolim will agree publicly but it happens to be most naive people believe horrible gossip and over the truth. Moshiach will reveal all and it is important for everyone to refuse to believe any negative and just daven for the truth to be revealed. Top makubalim/kabbalists have warned repeatedly not to get involved with talking badly about the rav as Heaven won't look positively on such an infraction. If you understand Breslov belief, it is that taking suffering and embarrassment upon oneself can mitigate many impending judgments and disasters. That is what the rav has been and is doing for the whole world.

I feel I have to write this here as the rav has expressed not to fight this wrongdoing where it won't be heeded but only where there are people who are honestly searching for truth because they will find it if they are sincere. I know people who will read these geula blogs are searching for truth so I avoid getting in heated arguments on Facebook and such but here, I must say something so every reader will realize all allegations are false and not to believe any of it and they should only wish the rav good health as he is very sick and fragile. May moshiach come immediately to put an end to all falsehood. Hashem's presence is hidden from us just like the tzaddikim who are the hidden 36 but they are out there and holding everything together.


Anonymous said...

To Annie,
A mother’s prayer Hashem answered. Baruch HaShem.

May Hashem protect all who travel by air and trains and road. Amen.

Miriam, it is so true what you say, and i have heard other Rabbis say too. Not to hear gossip of any kind from any one. For in doing so, we stand in judgement with the Creator. We do not know the hearts and minds of anyone. Only Hashem, does. Amen .

I am ashamed to admit here, I learned the hard way. Baruch HaShem ,.. I learned.

Hashem bless and help all humanity .amen