Sunday, February 5, 2023

Secrets of Tu b"Shvat

 Rabbi Efraim Palvanov 

How did Tu b’Shevat go from a footnote on the Jewish calendar to an important mystical holiday? What are the true origins of the Tu b’Shevat seder? And what does it all have to do with the State of Israel and the coming of Mashiach? 

Find out in this class where we also outline the proper steps of the Tu b’Shevat seder, explain the Kabbalistic meaning of the Tu b’Shevat fruits, explore the Book of Judges, and present an intriguing theory about the coming Final Redemption.

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Chava said...

After listening to this shiur on Friday, I spent Shabbos reading Shoftim. It seems to me that there are interesting parallels between the modern state of Israel and the time of the Shoftim, in addition to the parallels Rabbi Palvanov mentions in the shiur. I'm curious to see how things work out...