Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Parshat Naso and the Hostages

H/t Hillel Fuld

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Anonymous said...

80 Years On

Shavuos is a 2 day Jewish Festival in the Diaspora [starting tommorrow night] during which Holocaust Survivors from Hungary usually pack Synagogues. In 1944, from 19 March, over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were decimated in 5 months. Mostly in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Gas Chambers and Chimneys never stoppped.

I have not seen mention of an 80th Memorial Event in Israel or elsewhere. Maybe there is too much pain now within Israel and elsewhere for World Jewry to gather together to memorialise? Sadly the number of Holocaust Survivors is diminishing rapidly. Only to be replaced today by new survivors plus a new set of unwanted statistics and nomenclature about, nebach, new survivors!

I wonder: Why doesn't UK PM Rishi Sunak just loan an updated version of Bomber Harris to assist with Gaza or Iran? It might help.

But the best weapon and remedy is the Unity of the Jewish people and on a recent trip, I witnessed so many beautiful sights displaying such Unity. Shiver Up the Spine material.