Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Profound Secret of the Conviction of President Donald Trump

Rabbi Mendel Kessin


Anonymous said...

Even if one doesn't agree with the Rav it is very comforting to listen to him. There are so few like him still around and available to hear on the internet and we are privileged to hear him speak.


Anonymous said...

We are very blessed to have Rabbi Mendel Kessin, as well as his brother Shimon. Such outstanding scholars, very real and at the same time very calming.


Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have Rabbi Mendel Kessin as well as his brother.

They are outstanding scholars, so down to earth, real as well as comforting.

We are blessed.

Annie said...

Jane… I totally agree… such learned Teachers…

Anonymous said...

Although the Abraham’s Accord may have brought peace between Muslim countries and Israel, it caused a lot of anger and resentment among the Palestinians. What made matters worse was he declared Jerusalem as the capital city of the Jewish people. As per Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, shlita, “There is not political relationship between the Jewish people and Jerusalem; it’s merely a holy city. The Jewish people never had a capital…because the Jewish people are not a country or a region. We pray towards Jerusalem only as a holy city not as a capital city…because it is a holy city, it doesnt matter who has sovereignty over it. It is just as holy whether Jerusalem is under the auspices of the Turks, Romans, etc. The Zionists started this business of the capital of the Jewish people which conflicts with Judaism. At Har Sinai, we became a people, not a land, nor a territory. We became the Jewish people only because we accepted the Torah.”

So it could be that the Abraham Accords may have been the beginning of Trump’s downfall. With all that said, I hope Trump will be exonerated and be the next President.


Anonymous said...

So many are feeling hopeless these days about Moshiach, and so many are going through so much loneliness.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it does matter that Yerushalayim is the capital of Eretz Yisrael.
This is according to our history and according to Torah. By what you wrote, this gives chizuk to the nations of the world that it should be an 'international' city, c'v. It is the city when Moshiach will be here and we will have our Beit HaMikdash, the nations will come up to Yerushalayim on Sukkot to pay homage to Hashem. They will have to make pilgrimage to the Ir Hakodesh.
But it is the true capital of Yisrael, not because the nations said it is but because this is the City that Dovid Hamelech chose as his capital because of its innate holiness: the Har HaBayit & where the ultimate eternal Beit HaMikdash will one day soon be standing, the Foundation stone from which the world was created, the binding of Yitzchak Avinu and where Yaakov Avinu had
his dream of the ladders going up to Heaven.
The non-Jews have always been at odds with us because of their desire to take hold of the City. Can you imaagine the chilul H' if other religions would worship at the holiest site in the world? The reason H' allowed the aravim to occupy it for the past 1300 years plus is because they do not have the
avodah zorah of the other religions. The reason they were allowed to rule for that length of time is because Yishmael had his brit milah at the age of 13 years old. Now that we are, B'H, back home, it is the birah of Eretz Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed that the anti-Israel ideology of Yaakov Shapiro is being quoted in the Shirat Devorah comments. His hatred of Israel gives aid and comfort to our enemies, who point to him as "proof" that even orthodox rabbis believe that Israel is illegitimate.

It doesn't matter who has sovereignty over Jerusalem? In the war of Gog u'Magog (Zechariah 12), the nations are supposed to war against Jerusalem, and Hashem will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for them. Why would it have to be a heavy stone for the nations if it doesn't matter who has sovereignty over it?

If Hashem did not want the Jewish People to return to the land at this point in history, then the Jewish People would surely not have returned. Parshat Bechukotai (Leviticus 26) explicitly states that the land will remain desolate until it is repaid its violated Sabbaticals (Shmita years). And after that period, Hashem will remember His Covenant with the Jewish People, and He will remember the land. Again - if Hashem did not want the Jews to return, it would not have happened when it did. The process is not over yet, of course.

Hashem chooses imperfect people to carry out His will. So, you can criticize Zionism for this or that reason, but the Zionist movement was the vehicle chosen to drive the return of the Jewish People to the land. The fact that Israel is not yet back to its Temple-oriented, Torah-centred state does not negate the important PROCESS of returning the Jews to the land after 2 difficult millennia in Galut. Clearly, it has been the Hand of Hashem behind the miracle of our return after 2,000 years, not to mention the miracle of Israel’s survival since 1948 despite being engulfed by hostile nations bent on our destruction.

What exactly does Yaakov Shapiro want - a Palestinian State from the river to the sea and another exile for the Jewish People, chas v’shaolm? What is Yaakov Shapiro’s end-game for the millions of Jews who live in Israel today - to be under a genocidal Hamas rule, chas v’shalom?

Anonymous said...

Any 'Jew' who dares side with our mortal enemies against the Land of Israel, I believe he does not stem from our Avot nor does he have a Jewish neshama.
Even the very ultra orthodox such as the Satmar chasidim have come to terms
with Israel. No true Jew sides with the leftist, secular, G-Dless Erev Rav who are in control at the moment (since its establishment) but they realize that this was the way Hashem brought us back home, via the Erev Rav, who always have alliances with the powerful nations and that's how we were able to return home. These Erev Rav will soon realize that their time for control is almost over. With the coming of Moshiach and the War of Gog u'Magog, H' will do battle and the end of all our enemies will have materialized. We pray for that time to come ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kessin quoting second example of perversion of justice:
In Sedom, the victim had to pay the robber, why? Because if you didn't have that possession, then the robber would have never stolen from you.

I got news for you (actually old news). This has been built into our perverted laws for a long time. For example, there are all too many careless people who cause themselves or others injury on YOUR property. Say you own a parking lot, and one guy crashes into another guy on YOUR parking lot? YOU get sued because YOU are the property owner. A kid carelessly runs and trips on a stump that's on YOUR property? The parents can sue YOU as property owner.

How is that any different than owning a possession (nowadays property) in Sedom (nowadays the modern world), and a robber (or nowadays careless person) robbing you (or nowadays carelessly causing damage)?