Monday, November 29, 2010

Seeing Right Though You

The time has come when the truth is finally being exposed.

Both Hitler yemach shemo and Ahmadinejad are Amalek, we knew that.....  ages ago.

Now it's all over the news:   Ahmadinejad 'like Hitler'

The world of truth is seems to be arriving faster than we could have imagined.

And all those TSA body scanners at the airports are letting people know that the time has come when "we can see right through you".

All the lies are being exposed, people are being seen for who they really are. Secrets are being revealed.

It seems like the times of Moshiach are very very close.


Devash said...

AMEN! AMEN! I was going to blog the same thing about Wikileaks, but you beat me to it. ;-)

Devorah said...

I remember we used to do that a lot (accidentally) ... :) great minds....

rivka said...

Devora Shalom, Happy Birthday! Health and long life to 120 years!
I'm French and I connect almost every day on your site. Kol akavod!

Yes you are right, things become clearer for all the goyim ... obama and his lies, his willingness to do anything against Iran, abandon Europeans, Saudis (despite his reverence for the king ... !), his contempt for Israel, .. Thank Hashem revealed truth, Moshiach and strongly that everything happens for the better and in peace for BNS Israel and Eretz Israel Yerouchalaim ... Amen!