Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living on the Edge, Literally

Residents of Kingscliff Beach in N.S.W. are watching their backyards falling into the sea.  Whilst erosion has long been a problem there, the ocean's intensity of late has caused the problem to magnify with six metres of parkland being lost in the past week.

Months of sandbagging and shoring up the beach with sand from nearby Cudgen Creek has amounted to nothing as erosion continues to swallow large chunks of land at an ever-increasing rate on Kingscliff beach.
Several tourists at Kingscliff Beach Tweed Coast Holiday Park have been forced to relocate, with the park losing 6m of land in the past week, including 4m on Tuesday night when a mature pandanus tree and Norfolk pine crashed to the beach.

Tweed Shire Council officers are scrambling to shore up what is remaining of the beach ahead of tomorrow's full moon and associated king tides, with further sandbagging expected to take place in front of the caravan park and Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club.

Source: Gold Coast News


Moriah said...

Completely ridiculous to try to build a wall of sandbags against a massive force like the ocean. Do they really think they can stop it? Face reality and move out of there is the only solution.

Jean-Marie Rondeau said...

There seems be some serious earth movements in the Pacific. I read several prophecies that predicts that old land would resurface soon in the Pacific. The results would be quite something.