Monday, August 1, 2011

Devarim: A Higher Level

This week we begin reading the fifth book: Devarim.  We have also begun to enter a new level of consciousness and big changes are coming - some people already know and understand this, others will understand soon enough.  Time for some serious soul-searching and cleaning up the messy parts of your life.

The following is from the writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

The Book of Devarim arose from a different form of prophetic revelation than the previous four Books of Moshe.  For unlike the preceding books which were "dictated" directly by God, the Book of Devarim was a Divine revelation which Moshe phrased in his own words [see Ohr HaChayim and Tosfos].

At first glance, this would appear to be a disadvantage, for words arranged by God Himself are surely superior to those composed by Moshe.   However, in truth, the Book of Devarim has its own advantage: that the words of G-d reached a higher level of compatibility with the human mind.

Moshe's contribution to the Book of Devarim did not detract from the validity of the work, for Devarim remains part of the Chumash just as much as the other four books.  But having passed through the "interface" of a human mind, the words of this book were fashioned in a manner that other human beings would find easier to absorb.  Thus:

The Book of Devarim was said to the generation which was about to enter the Land of Israel, where food would not be provided miraculously, and extensive interaction with the mundane world would be necessary.  As a preparation for this, the Jewish people were given the Book of Devarim which contained Godly wisdom that had been brought more "down to earth" by Moshe.

As a Divinely inspired work of the human mind, the Book of Devarim sets the precedent for later prophetic works.  It is also a form of precursor for Rabbinic law, which is humanly conceived and yet is an expression of the will of God.

A ba'al teshuvah is one who returned to God through his own initiative, but God assists the ba'al teshuvah with Divine revelation to his subconscious soul.  This is similar to the way the Book of Devarim was said: Consciously it was Moshe's own words, but on a deeper level it was a product of Divine revelation.  This similarity between teshuvah and the Book of Devarim is the inner reason why the book is characterized by "rebuke" [see Rashi], a way of helping another to do teshuvah.

Source: Based on Likutei Sichos Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Anonymous said...

A litle gematria I thought of devarime = 256 which =Aharon=256 who was the holy high priest . So during these 3 weeks may our words be holy like Aharon Hacohen .I learned that only 10 5 of our words are the communication 30 % are the tone of voice and 50 % are the body language of the talker . Ps I dont know if our sages or even the chafetz chaim was fully aware of this in shmirat halashon . King david called many jews they speak with a twisted tongue incredibly a similar phrase was borrowed by the church against jews .I believe many people in the jewish community are hurt depending on circumstance how they are treated and or talked too and yes 90% is the intention and tone behind it only 10% is the words .