Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Floods of Irene [video]

Tropical Storm Irene which hit the US east coast has caused flash flooding in upper New York state and Vermont.

Surging water levels have left a trail of devastation in places like Margaretville and the Catskills, destroying bridges and damaging properties

Jim Avila reports for ABC News.


Anonymous said...

Just a bit of interesting information:


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Anonymous said...

Hi there friends!
Awed beyond words on seeing this clip, I reached for my Book of Tehillim (Psalms) and recited ch. 93.
It gave me tremendous strenght and comfort to learn what all this worldly chaos is all about.

Joe said...

Unfortunately Hurricane Irene has left a trail of death -35 and destruction $7b including Rabbi Moshe Yosef Reichenberg who was electrocuted trying to save the life of his neighbour's son. Please pray for eight year old Chaim Reuven Dovid ben Chava Leah who is in grave danger in hospital.

I fear this was only the entree with the main course on its way. Tropical Depression twelve has formed off Cape Verde and is heading along the same path as Hurricane Irene. When this TD becomes a hurricane, which it will, it will be known as "Katia."

There is a tie between Irene and Katia which b'ezrat HaShem I will expand upon when it further develops.

BTW, TS Jose has fizzled out in the middle of the Atlantic after veering away from Bermuda due to the wind sheer of Irene.

It is now a waiting game and I deeply hope that I am wrong, but Elul is upon us.

bracha said...

What devastation. How fearful to witness those surging waters. I sure hope that the yearly summer vacationers and school-campers have left the Catskills well in time b/4 this happened.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I just found out. Vermont is also a state that gives ketubot to mishkav zakhar. So there you have it. New Jersey performs same sex civil unions which are equivalent to marriages in every respect. New York and Vermont perform lying with males marriages. All three states give the same sex couples a legal certificate guaranteeing their rights and priveledges as if they were married couples. In NY and Vermont they actually are married!! The Talmud's contempt for doing this found in Chullin is in effect for all three states. It is equivalent, in the language of the Talmud, to selling human flesh in the marketplace. Gentile nations can be quickly wiped out for either act. Now not many Jews live in Vermont. But OY to the Jews who live in Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Chicago, Illinois and its suburbs. Get out while you still can, you millions! And please do not think that you will be safer in Texas, for Texas will also be judged for other different reasons.