Monday, October 24, 2011

Gilad's Release: A Message in the Torah Parsha

What would the Lubavitcher Rebbe have said about Gilad Shalit and the reference in the parsha to his release?

Rabbi Shmuel Butman presents Shabbos Night Live [video] - highly recommended!

And to pre-empt any queries regarding the 'speaking' at the Rebbe's grave: people go to the graves of tzaddikim to ask that those tzaddikim assist them, and so they 'speak' to the tzaddik...... don't misunderstand and think that chassidim pray to their Rebbes and not to Hashem.... that is not the case at all.   However, a tzaddik can intervene for us in Shamayim and bring about a salvation. Their merits are much greater than ours, they are closer to Hashem, they can [and do] intercede on our behalf..... This is why Jews will make a special trip to daven at the gravesites of tzadikim.

english from on Vimeo.