Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the blink of an eye

Did you feel it?

Yesterday was a kind of turning point. Erev Hoshana Rabba, the ushpizin of Yosef, and the miraculous release of Gilad Shalit.

How could it possibly be coincidental that Gilad, whose soul is connected to Yosef as we saw in Rabbi Glazerson's Torah codes, was released on the day Yosef is the spiritual guest in everyone's sukkah? There are no coincidences in this world, everything that happens here is orchestrated by Hashem. If you don't understand this yet, you need to go back and start again.

I know I'm not the only person in the world whose life has changed dramatically over the past few months. The world is moving into a new era, the signs are all there, and it's happening so quickly. Who would have thought that Gilad would be home for Sukkot? Alive. Talking. Sane. An unbelievable miracle.

I, for one, am not worried at all about the release of the terrorists. Hashem is in control here, and will take care of business, but for the moment, it's enough to have Gilad back. Ness gadol haya po. A great miracle happened here, make no mistake about it.

Everyone has a mission in life. For Gilad, it was a huge one, and not too many people would have the strength or will to survive in a dungeon for five years... but Gilad is special, he was given the necessary tools [as we all are] to cope with the ordeal that is/was his mission in this world. Whatever tikkun he was chosen to do, on behalf of klal Yisrael,  has now been achieved. We are one step closer to the Redemption. It should give us all encouragement in our own lives, when we are facing some kind of test, that there is a time limit to suffering, and one day we will all be set free from whatever kind of Galus has been given to each one of us.

Remember: things can go from the very worst to the very just the blink of an eye.' [Rebbe Nachman of Breslov]


  1. I hope those terrorists yemach shemo will pay for starving gilad, very soon bh.

  2. Aren't there rules regarding treatment of prisoners of war? Can't the world see these pigs for who they are: psycopathic monsters, with no regard for human life or suffering. May G-d repay them midda kneged midda.

  3. I am very glad that Gilad is free. I am sure that people that made the decision(including Mossad) to free so many terrorists weighted all the options very carefully. My personal feeling is that Israel is getting ready to attack nuclear facilities in Iran or at least getting ready for possible attack from Hezbollah/Syria. To that end, IDF brought Gilad home so that Hamas would not take revenge on him.

  4. Thanks for the link.

    One thing I was alerted to when looking at my statcounter - someone was searching for "shalit abducted on yosef hatzadik's" in Google and ended up on my blog.

    It's close. Off by 2 days. Shalit was abducted on 29 Sivan, while Yosef's Yahrtzeit is 1 Tamuz.

  5. The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to say that the days before and after a particular day can be included as part of the current day. [or words to that effect]
    Using that theory, those dates can all connect with each other.

  6. Kinda like the saying ""Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"" - they're all intertwined somehow, kabbalistically.
    And that's all I know.... maybe Rabbi Oliver at Chassidishe Farbrengen can enlighten us more..... if he's reading this.

  7. Yes Hashem can take care of the rest of the terrorists who were released. BH Gilad is alive. May he suffer nothing ill from all he suffered.
    This was a beautiful post Devorah.

  8. Yes, thank G-d Gilad is home with his family. But to say that we should not worry because "HaShem is in control here" is irresponsible. We ourselves have placed ourselves into a dangerous situation by releasing 470 cold-blooded murderers into the general population. Such a deed has natural consequences which G-d in his wisdom often allows to take place. We are therefore asking G-d for supernatural protection from a dangerous situation that we ourselves created. That is a bit of a chutzpah. We may get that protection, but when such releases of murderers occurred in the past, dozens of Jews were killed by the murderers who were released. Ask David Wilder of Hebron. He has the exact statistics and casualty figures.

    If one wants to draw of thin connection between Gilad and Yosef, one might see that Gal Eid, the stone separating Ya'akov from Lavan may have been a marker in Menashe's territory. I will watch Rav Glazierson's video after Yom Tov.

  9. I'm struggling with feeling relieved and happy that Gilad is home but also melancholy with a really strong sense of dread..

  10. Eli says:-
    I don't think there is a Jewish person out there who did not shed a few tears at the news of Gilad's release, and certainly many non-Jews. The Arabs are not short of brutal murderers in their midst; a few hundred is neither here nor there.

  11. Didn't have a chance yet to see the Torah Codes from Rabbi Glazerson, but the only time in the entire Chumash that the word Shalit is mentioned is in Parshat Mikeitz (Genesis 42:6) where it states "Yosef was the Shalit (ruler) over the land (Egypt)..." Indeed, it was on the sixth day of Succot featuring the Heavenly Guest Yosef that Shalit was freed, leaving Egypt.
    I must note that this is not a sign that this was the right thing to happen for the exchange of over 1,000 terrorists. All I am saying here is that everything is hinted in the Torah, and especially in Shalit's case which was not only a national issue, but was also known internationally, it is of no surprise that the Torah would hint to this event in such an open way.

  12. devorah, so nice your blog is back. and i am looking forward to reading more of dov's writings. a blessed year to all.

  13. Devorah! Do read this amazing story of how Jerusalem Shlucha Chana Canterman befriended Aviva Shalit and the 20 year old dollar from the Rebbe that resulted in recent blessings.


  14. Tidbits: Amazing story.... !!!