Monday, November 28, 2011

The Frum Blogs: Do We Matter?

An interesting post at Emes Ve-Emunah:

"Do the Frum blogs have any effect on rabbinic leaders such as those on the Agudah Moetzes? The answer has now been given in a public forum at the Agudah convention. At a Thursday night session described in a blog that reported on it - the internet was attacked it seems with an anger heretofore unseen. As it pertains to Frum Blogs - here is the money quote:

The topic discussed was The Internet and confronting unprecedented challenges of modern technology. Its dangers that have affected our community young and old alike including the content on frum blogs that is harmful to our community. Someone told him that those in Washington are reading these blogs and they said you don't know what harm it is doing to us. It has changed the way we are being perceived."

To read the entire article: click here

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Anonymous said...

שלום, רק גיליתי את הבלוג שלך ב-Yahoo, ומצא כי זה באמת מדהים. אני הולך להשגיח על ניצנים. אני יעריך אם תמשיך לכתוב על נושא זה בעתיד. הרבה אנשים ירוויחו הכתיבה שלך. Cheers!