Thursday, February 23, 2012

Purim - Tzedaka Appeal

A very young Israeli family is in need of assistance - their mother died suddenly, the father is trying to adjust to life with two babies and no income.

I am collecting on their behalf.   If you would like to help out, please donate via the Paypal button in the left column.  All monies raised will be used to relocate the family into suitable housing.

Please help if you can.


  1. Unfortunately I am unable to do that now. I didn't want to ignore your appeal, though. Yasher koach and hatzlachoh.

  2. Done the Tzedaka. Toda Raba to Devorah for giving me the opportunity to help out. Baruch HaShem. Shalom:-)

  3. Thank you everyone who has donated, I'm really amazed that someone living in Sydney Australia has the ability to raise funds from around the world for a family in Israel. It is for things like this that the internet really exists.


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